5 Best Bridal Wedding Registry Sites Couples Will Love


Does the idea of registering for a blender fill you with dread? If so, you’re not alone. Lots of couples wind up getting married – and they know their loved ones do want to get them a nice gift but the thought of registering at the traditional department store just isn’t for them.

There are many reasons this might not work. Maybe the two of you have been living together for awhile and you already have the china, linens and all of that “home making” stuff. Or maybe you both live on your own – and have both accumulated all of this stuff already. Or perhaps you realize you’d just rather ask for something else – and that’s okay too! Here are some of the coolest bridal/wedding registries around. Don’t worry – not a single blender in sight.


Every couple wants a romantic and luxurious honeymoon. This can be the ideal gift to register for, especially if you are a couple who already have all of the home “necessities” you’d typically register for. HoneymoonWishes.com states they are used by the most hotels all over the world, certainly offering honeymooners great convenience and lots of choices. (Surf their site and confirm they have the selections you want before registering to be sure you get the honeymoon of your dreams!) There are other honeymoon registries out there, some smaller and others with specific locations. Guests can buy you specific activities or simply give a gift towards your honeymoon, depending on the honeymoon registry.

Register or learn more at http://www.honeymoonwishes.com/

SunTrust Mortgage

For some couples the big dream is owning a home of your very own. If you’d ask guests to contribute towards your dream of a home than to give you silverware or butter dishes, this is a very sensible thing. Contact Sun Trust Mortgage (or your preferred bank) and ask if they’ll set up a Bridal Registry for you. It’s not listed on their website, but they do offer it. Read here to learn more from MSN Money.

Register or learn more at http://suntrustmortgageproducts.com/index.asp


I Do Foundation

Now who says you can’t have it all? After all now you have the great guy, beautiful wedding dress and your whole future ahead of you. At the I Do Foundation you can register for gifts with their partner stores and 10% of the gift amount is donated to select charities (listed at their site – you can pick one to give to). Suddenly that blender is looking better and better…

Register or learn more at http://www.idofoundation.org


This site has partnered with the I Do Foundation to offer a bridal/wedding registry. But they also have other tools. You can offer a wedding registry to register simply to help a charity. You can also choose to give a donation to a charity instead of having wedding favors. At JustGive.org you’ll have your own wedding page where guests can learn more about your wedding.

Register or learn more at http://www.justgive.org/give-now/wedding-center/index.jsp


Want to register for gifts – but they somehow seem to be at different stores? Don’t fret, now you can register for gifts at a single location using MyRegistry and easily manage your bridal/wedding registry. They’ll let you register at any store in any location in the world using their registry. Very convenient for the selective couple – and also for the couple with family in different parts of the country or world that need a registry to work easily for their guests’ shopping ease.

Register or learn more at http://www.myregistry.com

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2 Responsesto “5 Best Bridal Wedding Registry Sites Couples Will Love”

  1. Mel says:

    Nice to see these options for couples! We’re using www.weddingrepublic.com and love it. Same idea as some of the ones mentioned. Its online / cash but in a great way where we can add anything we want and even break up more expensive gifts into puzzles so our friends can buy what they can afford! Hope all the other brides out there are getting as excited as I am!

  2. Mark says:

    My friends who got married last year used www.asimplerweddingregistry.com to combine gift lists from a number of bridal registries into one registry list. They were really happy with it. A Simpler Wedding Registry also has a feature where guests can easily compare prices on items at several large stores (Walmart, Target, and some others).