7 Best Coupon Sites and Bargain Sites to Save You a Bundle of Cash


Best Coupon Sites

Trying to save a little dough? Okay…maybe a lot of dough?

It seems we are all trying to make what we have stretch even further these days. We could all use a little help with that. And who doesn’t like a coupon or an online discount to help them out with a purchase? Here are 7 of our favorite sites to help save you a bundle of cash as you shop – some are ideal for online shopping and others can even help you in the brick and mortar stores. But one thing’s for certain – once you start using these sites you just aren’t going to want to go back to shopping the way you used to!


This is a favorite site of many bargain hunters. At FatWallet.com, you’ll find online discounts and freebies listed every single day. It may seem a little overwhelming just how much is there. But once you dip your toe into the bargain hunting waters, you’ll realize just how much money you can save. C’mon in, the water’s great!

>>Fat Wallet -  www.fatwallet.com



This is another popular bargain-hunting site. You’ll find online and brick and mortar store deals and freebies listed here. Posted daily by bargain hunters just like you. Search for what you are looking for or just review the day’s postings. Grab that deal quick – remember lots of people are shopping that great bargain!

>>Slick Deals -  http://slickdeals.net




This site is one of the top online store coupon sites around. Search for your favorite online retailer and you’ll see what coupons are available. Who wouldn’t want to save 20 or 30%…or get free shipping if they could? Many stores listed here.

>>Retail Me Not -  www.retailmenot.com



This is another biggie online store coupon site to find great discount coupons. Simply search for your favorite store and you’ll see discounts available. Remember to pay attention to expiration dates.

>> Coupon Cabin -  www.couponcabin.com




This is a popular grocery store coupon site and is a membership site but they do offer a free trial membership. The grocery game helps you find bargains on the things you use at your favorite grocery stores. Learn to search the circulars at your favorite stores and then get coupons online to save even more. It’s the Grocery Game!

>>Grocery Game -  http://www.thegrocerygame.com/



This is a comparison shopping website. Use MySimon.com to find that gas grill, dollhouse or child’s sneakers for the most competitive price. This works best when you have a specific item in mind, not a general product. So the Bella Twilight Barbie Doll, not simply “a doll.”

>>My Simon -  www.mysimon.com



What’s their tagline? “You can get ‘it’ at eBay!” And you know what? They’re right! You can just about find anything you think about – from collectables to cars to cat toys at this humongous online auction site. Best of all, quite often you’ll save when you spend at eBay.com. Some stores now seem to have eBay.com stores offering their products online – what a great convenience.

>>Get it at Ebay -  www.ebay.com

Kind Coupons

Kind Coupons

This website is a little different.  Not only does it offer wonderful deals and coupons, it also gives 50% of its profits to charity.  Garrett and his wife created this website after finishing their taxes in 2010, and it launched in November of 2010.  It’s their way of giving more to charity – they weren’t able to give enough to the various charities they supported, so they figured out a way to make money, and they give half of it away.  That’s pretty remarkable in these crazy financial times.  It is free to use the site, and you can recommend places you’d like to see coupons from, as well as charities you’d like to see supported.

>>Kind Coupons – kindcoupons.org


coupon snapshot

An online hub for all sorts of coupons and deals, Coupon Snapshot partners with lots of different businesses to find the best deals out there on anything from health and beauty items to vacation deals, and much more.  There are literally lists and lists of coupons you can simply activate by clicking the button that says “activate.”  Once you, you’re taken to an internal page that shows that your deal has been activated, and the vendor page where you are supposed to use your coupon pops up as well.  They give you the coupon codes to use.  They have a feedback system where you can say if the coupon works, but odds are it will because they’ve tested them all already.

>>Coupon Snapshot – couponsnapshot.com

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