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Key West – the southernmost city in North America.  An island at the tip bottom end of the U.S., and a world of its own.  Originally inhabited by the Calusa Native American people, her first European visitor was Juan Ponce de Leon.  Today, it is home to anywhere between 12,000 and 25,000 full time residents and a handful of really good bloggers.  Here are the very best blogs about living in Key West.

Key West Chronicle

key west chronicle

This blog covers a lot of Key West news, and also talks about things to do on the island.  It is updated roughly once per month nowadays, but the older posts are a wealth of information about the goings on in Key West.  I can’t find any information about the author of the blog – sometimes Blogspot is tricky like that – but the site has roughly 29 followers and seems sort of unsung.  Maybe if we show them some love, they’ll post more newsy tidbits about Key West.

>>Key West Chronicle –

The Real Key West

The Real Key West

Infrequently updated but totally captivating, The Real Key West is Bob and Janet – people who live in a floating home.   Reading Bob’s account of moving to that floating house was a treat, and the blog is written from the perspective of those people who protect “The Real Key West” from the tourists.  When they started the blog in 2002, they didn’t live in Key West anymore, but became devoted to showing the internet the Key West that few people see.  In 2004, the website started putting out information about the neighborhoods of Key West, fascinating reading if you ever plan to visit, and essential if you ever plan to live there.  Bob and Janet moved back to Key West in 2004 as well, and all the sharing they’ve done since is about their lives, their home, and their passion for Key West.

>>The Real Key West –

Key West The Blog!

Key West The Blog

Arthur A. Winstanley has been writing this blog since 2008, and it contains some beautiful photographs, pieces of writing, and a lot of great information about life in Key West.  He updates his site faithfully, and the posts are well-constructed and created with love.  The man loves his island, and loves to share it with the world.


>>Key West the Blog! –

Key West Diary

Key West Diary

Key West Diary is written by Conchscooter, who posts one photo essay every day and has since 2007.  He also has a blog called Conchscooter’s Common Sense which is about politics and the economy from the perspective of the Left.  It seems he is in law enforcement in Key West, and he blogs a little bit about work, but mainly about life in Key West, and the photos are quite amazing.  For a look at life on the coolest and most eccentric island in Florida, read (and see) his blog.

>>Conchscooter –

My Life in Key West

Key West Lou

Meet Key West Lou.  He writes the blog My Life in Key West, and has since 2007.  His blog is a slice of his life, and he lives that life in Key West.  His posts are not photo-heavy, but if you put in the time to read about Lou, you’ll find that you like Lou, and Lou likes Key West, so you’ll definitely feel that when you read his blog.  He is easy to read, and posts faithfully, so stick with him and you’ll learn, tidbit by tidbit, what it’s like to be Lou in Key West.

>>Key West Lou –

Captain Outrageous

captain outrageous

This is a shout-out to a Key West character who has gone on to greener pastures.  Captain Outrageous passed away on February 9, 2007, leaving behind a rich legacy in the people who loved him, and the objects he painted.  His first post on this blog was December 20, 2006, so he wasn’t a blogger for a very long time, but he was a painter, an art gallery host, and as mentioned before, beloved by many.  In fact, that first blog post was his only one, and the rest of the posts on the site are about his passing, memorial service, and tributes to him.  In the post about his funeral service, they mention seven ex-wives, his girlfriend at the time of his death, and over 200 Key West residents who came to pay respect to the man, many of them riding bicycles Captain Outrageous had painted.  There was a good old-fashioned funeral procession, and a 21-dove salute, and these facts give you an idea of what kind of place Key West is.  It is a place where someone can be exactly who they are and are loved for it, it is paradise to those who love it, and it is a place where community matters.

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