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Truthfully, if one were to write a full and comprehensive list of all the best book review sites on the internet, one would end up writing a very long post indeed.  What follows is a list of some of the sites that provide the best book reviews, book information, and other literary tidbits.

The New Dork Review of Books

One book nerd’s musings on book reviews and other literary miscellanea

New Dork
Greg is an aspiring author who says that his book review blog is a way to put off writing a novel.  That’s sort of a Catch 22 – because if you read his blog you realize what a good writer he is you want to start reading it, but you’d also want to read that novel, so you’d have to choose.  Greg reviews a lot of contemporary literature, but dips into other genres as well.

>>The New Dork Review of Books –

So Many Books

Positively lovely book review site

So Many Books
Stefanie is going to be a librarian.  She writes this amazing blog, wherein she incorporates reviews of contemporary lit, thoughts about classics, information and reflections about library science, and so much more.  It’s a completely lovely book review site.

>>So Many Books –

The Contemporary Reader

Thoughful book reviews

The Contemporary Reader

Aicha sort of says it all in her header, seen above, she loves books, then food and then clothes.  She is a voracious reader who hopes to someday own a book shop.  She writes thoughtfully and carefully, and if her existing content is any indication, her site will just continue to improve as she goes on. Her book reviews reflect her personality.


>>The Contemporary Reader –

26 Books

26 book reviews in a year and then some


26 Books
A group of 8 bloggers write for this site, which was started by Shane Richmond in 2006 on his other site.  He set out to read 26 books in a year, and the project bloomed into the robust and awesome thing that it is today.  The site is very well organized, and you know it’s  a good sign when the book review of the day is a Fitzgerald book.

>>26 Books –

Blog of a Bookslut

Great resource site for book reviews

Going strong since 2002, this site is a great resource for book reviews, book news, interviews with authors, and so much more.  With columns like “Bookslut in Training” and “Comicbookslut,” there is something for everyone.  A different issue comes out every month, and it could take you days to go through the archives.  It would be worth it.

>>Bookslut –


Book reviews by you

Book Fetish
They may not have touched the classics yet, but this book review site has reviewers with a passion for books, and they are organized in a clear and helpful way, provide great information, and also accept reviews by members – so if you’re looking to write some book reviews, this might be a good fit.  Keep an eye on this one.

>>Book Fetish –

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12 Responsesto “Best Book Review Sites with Book Reviews”

  1. Jane says:

    Can I be cheeky and add suggest your readers also check out our site, For Books’ Sake? Focusing mainly on women authors, we have a small but fiercely loyal readership and are growing all the time!

  2. Those are great sites, I follow them all, also (shameless plug) :)

    • admin says:

      Not so shameless – and I left in the link to your site so that people could go to it. Thanks for your comment!

  3. Patelli Paschal says:

    Since 2010, this site is a great resource for Vegan and Vegetarian book reviews, book news, interviews with authors, and so much more. With so many types of cuisine there is something for everyone. A different book reviewed every month, and it could take you awhile to go through the recipes and interviews.

  4. Linda Urbach says:

    I love everyone and everything on this site. But then, I am a shameless hussy who will do almost anything to get her book read and reviewed. Does anyone know whatever happened to Madame Bovary's Daughter. You probably don't even know she had a daughter. Read it and weep. Madame Bovary's Daughter.

  5. Jon B Barry says:

    I have recently written and published an e book. I am searching for ways to get my e book reviewed. My book, Six Weeks with Shelby is up for sale since mid August and I have been fortunate to get some very good reviews so far. But, just like anything else, to get a book sold and read, there has to be an awareness that both me and my book exist. So far, most reviewing sites only want to work with printed books and want that for their material. That sort of defeats the e book format. However, if one does not sell more than 10,000 copies of a printed book, there is little to no money to be made from that book. An e book is significantly more favorable to the author, and frankly I see no difference in getting it promoted..that seems to rest with the author no matter what.

    I would appreciate any information on finding the right way to go forward.

  6. Walter G says:

    I liked the review sites listed here. I was looking for review sites for children and young adult books. Anyone know where I can find some? I did find a pretty good one called literarylunchbox on blogspot. I was looking for something similar to that.

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  8. TammyR says:

    See I think the best thing out there is watching author interviews AND reading book reviews. I am always out there searching for the next best book…. and personally have found a radio show called the book report to be the best. I also like " so many books" but fine the host of the book report elaine charles to be more my personality and really gets to the core of the book. I know its available on the radio on lots of cities but I go to to find the next show or the archives.

  9. Rhonda Sturtz says:

    Believe one review that should be obn list is New York Journal of Books.

    New York Journal of books is the premier professional online review. It is well-established and highly respected within the publishing world. Its 180 reviewers are all published authors (many award-winning), journalists, academics and other accomplished professionals writing reviews of books that focus on their areas of expertise. Publishers Weekly, in profiling the review, noted that it is poised to fill the gap created by the closure of so many print reviews, noting that the professionally written and edited reviews are in a different league than the usual online fare. The review has also been cited for excellence by the National Book Critics Circle and reviews have been reprinted in scholarly compilations of the best literary criticism. Within the first half of 2012 the review anticipates publishing 150 detailed reviews weekly, making it by far the most comprehensive source of reviews across a wide range of genres in the US. The future of book reviews.