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Got a sweet tooth? Sometimes we all crave a sweet chocolate candy bar, piece of crunchy toffee or other sweet treat. It may come as a surprise that you can find large candy stores online; to indulge that sweet tooth – or buy someone delicious candy treats.

Here are some of our favorite candy stores online. Whether buying that special birthday gift or getting a treat for yourself, you’ll find great candy to enjoy!

Candy Warehouse

One of America’s Best Online Candy Stores


Okay, the name sounds very simple – but the idea of enough candy to fill a warehouse reminds us that this is a lot of candy! And it is! At Candy Warehouse you’ll find dozens if not hundreds of types of delicious candy treats. Search for candy by categories, themes, sizes, colors and sizes, flavors and brands. It’s so easy to find that great treat for birthday parties, wedding favors or any other parties or events. Your mouth will water at the sight of all of this delicious candy!

Get great candy at their website

Dylan’s Candy Bar

Great Candy Gift Ideas at this Candy Store


You’ll find lots of delicious candy at Dylan’s Candy Bar online candy store. What’s exciting about Dylan’s Candy Bar is that not only will you find candy, but also great gift ideas including beauty and fashion candy themed gifts. A favorite of ours are their candy time capsules, offering candy from different decades. How big is Dylan’s Candy Bar? Not all of their candy is listed on their website – so ask if you don’t see what you are looking for!

Get great candy here

Sweet Factory

One of America’s Favorite Candy Stores


The Sweet Factory states they are “America’s Favorite Candy Store.” You’ll find a wide variety of delicious candy here from chocolate, hard candy, candy by color, nuts and dried fruits and also wholesale candy. It’s easy to find candy for weddings and parties here with their large selection of candy. The Sweet Factory also has containers for candy, perfect for giving candy as party favors at birthday parties or weddings.

Their candy website is at


Hometown Favorites Candy Store

Classic Candies from Your Childhood


Now this is a candy store you’ll remember from your childhood – or your parents might even remember from theirs! Hometown Favorites features nostalgic candy. This is the ideal candy store to pick to “satisfy your sweet tooth” and also to find great nostalgic candy that reminds you of your childhood (or your parents of theirs). They have candy from the 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. A fun candy store website online you won’t want to miss!

Get great candy here

Godiva Chocolate Candy

Chocolate Candy Store


If you are looking for gourmet chocolate, Godiva is a great site to visit. This is a very popular chocolatier, both at their mall stores and their website. You’ll find delicious chocolates, truffles, chocolate bars and chocolate gift baskets. Ideal to give to that special someone or to indulge yourself. Godiva is a bit more expensive but many say you simply can’t beat their scrumptious chocolate and the high quality ingredients for rich, delicious chocolate every time. You can search for chocolates by occasion or look for business gifts, wedding or party favors or seasonal gifts.

Get great candy on their site at

Jelly Belly Candy Store

Jellybean Themed Candy Store Online


Love jellybeans? Then you’ll want to find Jelly Belly, one of the most popular jellybean creators available today. These sweet and tasty jellybeans are one of a kind. Their website is colorful and you’ll find information about all of their great jellybeans – they have lots of delicious flavors of jellybeans for you to try. You can shop online at their Jelly Belly online candy store. Learn more about their Jelly Belly jellybeans and other jellybean themed candies.

Get great candy here

Candy Favorites

Serving Candy Lovers Since 1927

Candy Favorites

Candy Favorites has been around longer than the internet.  The site belongs to the McKeesport Candy Company, which has been around since 1927.  These people believe in candy, and they want to be true to the nature of candy – sweet, and everybody’s favorite.  My favorite section of the site is the Retro section, which lists all the old fashioned candy by decade.  Did you know, for instance, that Bit-O-Honey and Baby Ruth have been around since the 1920s?  Jordan Almonds have been around even longer than that.  For a great candy experience, visit this site.

 Candy store:

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