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Tiger blood, Adonis DNA, Winning.  These terms are associated with Charlie Sheen and his supposed “violent torpedoes of truth.”  Sheen is currently touring the US with his one-man show, which has received mixed reviews.  But what of the internet?  Here are some of the best sites – be they informational, educational, or just plain funny – associated with Charlie Sheen.



This site is, like, Charlie Sheen CENTRAL.  Admittedly, it is where I found most of the Charlie Sheen sites featured in this post, and it provides the internet traveler with a Charlie Sheen dashboard, if you will.  It has links to sites, links to articles, and links to all sorts of information about the warlock himself.

>>Sheenaholic –

Sheen’s Korner

Sheens Korner

The man’s own website, Sheen’s Korner is, a place that shows Charlie’s tweet feed, his merch “korner,” and more.  There is even a place to view the meet and greet photos taken on his tour.  You can “enter your email to sing up and start WINNING” but I wasn’t so sure I wanted to start winning right now, so I didn’t sign up just now.  I’m intimidated by all the tiger blood and Adonis DNA and everything.

>>Charlie Sheen –

Live the Sheen Dream

Live the Sheen Dream


The concept is simple.  It’s an epic picture of Sheen’s head.  You click on the head, and the site brings up a different quote.  That’s all there really is to say about that, though I will say that the clean, uncomplicated layout of the website pleases me.

>>Live the Sheen Dream -

Charlie Sheen Fan Club

Charlie Sheen Fan Club

This “Superfan” was way ahead of the pack on his Charlie Sheen fan status.  He started his website originally in 2007, and sort of just let it go.  In January of 2011, the Superfan did a bunch of radio interviews, and decided to update the site.  He has pictures of his workspace, which is plastered with pictures of Sheen, so you know this guy is legit.

>>Charlie Sheen Fan Club –

Sheen and Swanson

Sheen and Swanson

If you’re a fan of Parks and Recreation, you know who this guy is.  He’s Ron Swanson (played by Nick Offerman, actor and husband of Karen from Will and Grace).  To imagine this deadpan character saying some of Charlie’s most famous quotes – well – it’s funny.

>>Sheen and Swanson -

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