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To say “Happy Birthday” or “Happy Holidays” you’ll want to send an eCard to friends and family. eCards are more popular than ever. They are eco-friendly and there are so many to choose from today. But we’ve found you some of the most cool and fun eCard websites around to enjoy.

While many of us do want to send out an eCard – we just don’t want to send out that typical, ordinary looking eCard. You want to send out something that’s a little different. Something that will stand out from the crowd. When its someone’s birthday or the holidays – you want to send out a totally cool eCard everyone will admire – not just a bunch of balloons where you add your sentiment and there is corny music playing. Don’t worry…at all of these cool and fun eCard websites you wont find a single card like that!

These are the perfect choice for sending that birthday card or even a “Just Because” card, and these simply are often not the typical card you’ll see out there. That’s why we think they are so great! Note: several of them are paid membership sites and others are free to send out cards.

Jib Jab


We know you’ll like the eCards at Jib Jab. Find Birthday, Love, Wedding & Engagement, Anniversary, Graduation, Thank You, Good Luck and many other types of cards. For their birthday you can send them one of the funniest, goofy Singing Cake video cards around. Or try the funny Opera Birthday. Cards are bold, graphic and just a bit quaint with old fashioned touches with great appeal. A paid membership site.

Find cool and fun eCards

Blue Mountain

Blue Mountain eCards are often cute and pretty. What makes them special is many have thoughtful phrases or lovely poems. At this eCard website you’ll find a wide selection of eCards to choose from, including Talking eCards for Birthdays, Postcards and eCards for many large (and even smaller) holidays. Get birthday reminders so you’ll never miss a special day. Blue Mountain eCard website is a paid membership website with a free trial.

Find cool and fun eCards

Hipster Cards

Hipster Cards offers fun and just a bit silly eCards that you’ll enjoy. Find a wide variety of fun eCards at this website. Try looking at their great selection of Animated Greeting Cards for that perfect eCard to send to that special someone. You’ll find Holiday cards and Everyday themed cards too. These are certainly eCards with that fun Hipster attitude. Some have a PG-13 like rating, so just be prepared if you’re about to open them on a public computer! Lots of great – and hip! – eCards.

Jacquie Lawson



The Jacquie Lawson eCard website features pretty, animated eCards that are popular with many. Jacquie Lawson’s eCards are simply pretty – and have lots of charm. Some feature Chudley, a beloved black Labrador retriever. Garden themes, the ocean, flowers and tea time are other popular and favorite themes of Jacquie Lawson cards. This is a paid membership site.

Find cool and fun eCards

Wrong Cards


At Wrong Cards you’ll find fun, funky and artistic eCards. This is another “hip” eCard site ideal for finding totally cool eCards. While this isn’t the ideal site to find a sugary sweet eCard to send someone, you’ll still find many cute eCards that will make someone’s day or make them smile. These eCards are totally unique and will stand out in someone’s InBox from those other, ordinary type of eCards they’ll receive for their birthday or the holidays.

Find cool and fun eCards



The tagline at Rattlebox is “Free e-Cards that don’t suck.” We like and admire the statement! You’ll find eCards here with a bit of an attitude. Lots of fun and unique eCards at this website. A convenient service, you can also send a gift card with your eCard if you choose – so its easy to send that special someone a gift while choosing their eCard. Many categories including Birthdays, Thinking of You, Love/Dating, Congrats, Anniversary, Feel Better, Thanks, Good Luck/Announcements and more.

Find cool and fun eCards

Rubber Chicken Cards


At Rubber Chicken Cards you’ll find funny cartoon eCards. Read the Testimonials and you’ll see that many enjoy these fun and totally unique eCards ideal to send for that Birthday or Holiday occasion. This is the perfect website to find funny cards. If you are looking to make someone smile, you’ll find a great eCard here. eCards available here for both big and small holidays – and a great variety of eCards. This is a paid membership site that offers a free trial.

Find cool and fun eCards

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