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Love magazines but don’t love the cost of subscribing? Then you’re going to be thrilled to find these great discount magazine subscription sites we’re sharing with you today.

I never knew you could get magazines at a discount – but there are some great sites on the Internet where you can do exactly that. For the price of a single subscription, you could get two or even three subscriptions! Some are sales you need to catch as they happen and others are discounts available all the time. But one thing’s for certain: you’re going to enjoy these great discounts on magazines! Here are some of our favorite sites for you!


At this site, many of their magazine subscriptions are available for $5.95. Find dozens of magazines – from women’s, men’s, kids and popular interest – all for $5.95. Some magazines are available for a higher cost but would certainly be considered a discount price. Can send magazines as a gift easily with a card sent out to the recipient.

Find a great magazine at


You’ll find lots of different magazines here for low prices. In many categories from women’s, family, food, business, children’s and many more. You can also give gift certificates and gift subscriptions. A great site.

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This is one of my favorite discount magazine sites for many reasons. For starters, you can search 24 magazine sites right from this one – making it easy to find the best deals. This site is also very well organized. Right at the top, you’ll see Under $5, $5 to 10 and other price ranges for magazines – making budget shopping easy. There is always a Deal of the Day – and it’s a terrific bargain. The day we visited it was Family Fun Magazine $3.55 for 10 issues (a year).

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Now the site graphically is not very fancy – but give them a chance folks! You’ll find subscriptions for Under $5, many at $3.95 – a great bargain. Many Under $10 also. Lots of different categories, something to please everyone easily.

Get that great magazine at


This is a great site – with many subscriptions offered at $4.69 or $5.95 and a whole list of subscriptions Under $10. You have the ability to give/send gift cards – the perfect gift for birthdays, holidays and “just because.” There is also a section of free trade magazines covering lots of professions – check it out and see what you’d like to read.

Get that great magazine at

Amazon Magazines Magazine Subscriptions

This is an excellent site to check out if you’re looking for a discount magazine subscription. Keep a special lookout for their sales – they’ll offer $5 or $10 off magazine subs and you can really get a great deal. has lots of magazines to choose from and if you have an account with them already, you know how simple they are to shop with.

Get that great magazine at

Tanga magazines Magazine Subscriptions

Now this is a site I’ve gotten some great magazine subscription bargains at. The only challenge? They list a new discount magazine subscription every day – and only one for a day – so you’ve got to be sure to check their site! Our hint: Tanga offers special codes to make their magazine subs have even lower prices – so be on the lookout for codes at their site (usually on the same page as the magazine offer). And keep checking their site for great deals!

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