Best Free Online Educational Games Websites


Many kids enjoy playing video games but most parents would prefer they do something more educational. Playing online educational games is fun and also educational. Choosing an online educational game that helps to challenge vocabulary, spelling or math skills can be helpful to many students.

Here are some of the best free online educational games websites. You’ll especially appreciate the great variety of online educational games available – something for every student to enjoy!

The Kidz Page

You’ll find lots of great games at The Kidz Page. From Math & Numbers Games, Educational Word Games, Picture Games and more. There are both printable and online games here to play. Best of all, some games are like study skills games (i.e. Math Flash Card Online Game) and others just seem fun (Money Word Search Online Game or Clowns, Spot the Difference Game).

Play educational games here

Sheppard Software

Find lots of fun and free educational games for kids at Sheppard Software. From study skills type of games such as Chemistry Quizzes to educational games that are just plain fun like Animal Games for Kids or U.S. Geography Games. Find Preschool & Kindergarten games here too and games for children of all ages. This website has many educational games for children to enjoy.

Play educational games here

Fun Brain

Fun Brain is an educational games website where you’ll find lots of great games for children to play. There are games to encourage math and language skills and other skills too. Games have fun names and are just as entertaining. Try Bunny Count or Word Turtle for games to keep children occupied and engaged as they have fun learning. Other fun games include Weather Dog, Piano Player and Clean up the Park. Many more educational games here at this website!


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At first glance this site may look like a medium sized educational game site for children. But keep surfing at their site and you’ll discover there are dozens, if not hundreds of great educational games here. We’ll give you an example: the Gamequarium has Brain Games that include fun subjects like Crosswords, Jigsaw Puzzles, Logic, Memory, Slide Puzzles, Stick Puzzles, Strategy, Sudoku, Symbol Sudoku, Trivia and Word Search. Just in this one section you’ll find more than 400 games to enjoy! A great educational games website for children with lots of games.

Play educational games here

Fun Island

At Fun Island you’ll find more than 100 educational games for children. There are other types of games available at this site. Popular educational games include Penguin Diner and Virtual Pet Game. There is a wide variety of educational games. Best of all, games are rated and you can see how many users have rated the games. The educational games have fun and colorful graphics, ideal for enjoying a fun online educational game.

Play educational games here


PrimaryGames has many fun educational games for children to enjoy. We especially like how well organized this site is, with colorful buttons at the top to help you choose what subject you are looking for games (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, etc.). There are highlighted games, from What’s New and What’s Cool so you’ll always see fun and interesting educational games to play. A great variety of online educational games.

Play educational games here


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