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It is spring time in the northern hemisphere, so it is time to start getting outside and planting your garden. Fortunately, there are tons of fantastic websites online today that are full of advice on how to make your garden turn out great. Some sites are large, corporate gardening websites, but others are very interesting blog-type efforts by gardeners from around the country. All of them are great reading for garden lovers. Below are our favorite gardening websites.


The Internet’s Garden and Home Community


This gardening website called GardenWeb has all sorts of great blogs and Q&As about gardening. We liked that they have a garden directory where you can look for plant societies, botanical gardens and much more in your area. There are thousands of garden-related facilities to choose from in the US. Also, there is an extensive blog section on gardening. There are very enjoyable blog posts on how to grow tomatoes, how to keep bugs off your peppers, and even how to fight off rabbits and other varmints in a humane fashion. The Q&A section has very informative lists on just about every gardening topic, from bonsai trees to organic rose gardening.

>> The Internet’s Garden and Home Community –

Organic Gardening

All About Gardening Organically


The home page of this organic gardening website really grabbed our interest with its interesting feature stories. For example, we learned on this gardening site about how to build a ‘cat’s cradle’ to train your tomatoes to grow in the direction you want. Also, there is a great article on how to grow raspberries, which can be a bit more challenging in some climates. There also are informative blogs and to-do garden lists for every month.

>> All About Organic Gardening -

Kitchen Gardeners International


This is a really good online community for people who love to raise food from their garden, and also are trying to practice the principle of self reliance. This site promotes the use of kitchen gardens and sustainable systems of food to help the planet. KGI has all kinds of forums, recipes and blogs for people to further these goals.


>> KGI - Kitchen Gardeners International

Chiot’s Run

A Chronicle of an Organic Garden


This very interesting person gardening website based in Ohio is named after the owner’s dog. It is a really unique garden journal about a family’s small organic garden near Cleveland. There are many wonderful pictures about everything they grow, and also lots of interesting stories about their experiences with organic gardening.

>> Chronicle of an Organic Garden –

Tiny Farm Blog

Organic Microfarming with Two Acres and Some Tools

tiny blog

This is a very enjoyable blog about a small organic farm on the owner’s two acres. He does not have any special tools or anything that a regular gardener would not have, but he produces a lot of great produce. A recent column and picture detailed the growing of the eggplants at the farm. Overall, this is a very interesting site that gives small gardeners all over the world inspiration on what is possible with a bit of work.

>> Organic Microfarming –

An honorable mention must be made for The Grower’s Exchange, featuring plants for your herb gardens.


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