Best Genealogy Sites 2010


Interested in learning more about your family tree? Many people are – that’s why genealogy is one of the most popular hobbies for 2010. Researching genealogy online has made it easier than ever before.

We’ve found you some great sites to research genealogy. Some are paid sites and others are free. But all will be quite useful in learning about your ancestors and heritage.



This is a large genealogy site. You’ll find 6 billion genealogy records to search through. It is a paid membership website but you do get a 14 day free trial. Review other members’ family trees and search for your relatives. There is also a great Learning Center to discover more about genealogy whether you are a beginner or have been working on your family tree for awhile. From this site you can even hire an expert to help you with your family tree or genealogy if you are finding the search a bit too challenging on your own.

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At this website you’ll find lots of genealogy information. One of our favorite things about FamilySearch is that they offer Free Online Classes, especially ideal for those new to genealogy or those who want to brush up on their skills. There is also a Research Series and Special Events, so you can keep informed about the latest information on the topic of genealogy. Monthly Classes are also offered. Find great resources for African American, Jewish and Hispanic Family Histories. Download their Free PAF Family History Software, to help you collect your family history and genealogy information – a well organized and systematic way to store everything you’ve carefully researched.

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This is a free genealogy website. A very large website with lots of information. Brought to you by a group of dedicated and passionate genealogy volunteers offering free genealogy websites for research in all counties and states in the U.S.A.. They state their website is non commercial and the goal is “free genealogy access for everyone.” Simply look to the left of the site and you’ll see a list of states. Click on the state and you’ll see additional resources. A great site to help you build and expand your family tree.


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About Genealogy

You’ll find great information here about genealogy. The site is an ideal way to stay current on the latest information in genealogy. They also have a Free Family Tree Chart you can use to compile your family tree. The site also offers suggestions on how to find family trees online and tips for how to get started. Genealogy is a site that beginners and advanced genealogy enthusiasts will find useful.

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Cyndi’s List


Cyndi’s List is quite expansive. The website has a very casual, friendly appeal but don’t let that be your only impression. Thousands of resources are available for nearly every type of genealogy research topic you can think of. Whether you are looking for ancestors by their origin, location or milestones (marriage, birth, death, adoption) you’ll find many, many resources here at Cyndi’s List. Plan on spending a bit of time here reviewing everything as there is a lot to see. Cyndi’s List has been a top genealogy resource for more than ten years on the Internet. We can see why!

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The National Archives


This is a site you simply won’t want to miss. It is a free genealogy website with a lot to offer. Search records online and learn how to start your genealogy research. There are genealogy articles here to help you understand how to be more successful with your genealogy research. Great genealogy links also help you take your studies further. You can also find information about how to hire a genealogy researcher if you would prefer to do that.

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