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If you are a lover like hockey like I am, you know what an exciting, fast-moving sport it is. The game is quick. elegant, beautiful and sometimes violent. That’s what makes it so much fun to watch. Below are the websites I go to often to read about hockey.

Official Site of the NHL


Of course. If you are a fan of North American hockey, you have to start at the official site of the NHL. I really like all of the HD videos and nearly-instant news updates on current games. The sections on stats and standings also are comprehensive and easy to read. The only thing I don’t like is that they force you to watch a 45 second commercial before you watch any video. I just turn down the sound and wait for it to be over before watching :).

>> Official NHL Site –

USA Hockey

Junior Teams Site


This is a good site to keep track of if you want to learn more about the up and coming American and Canadian players. This also is the site to watch for the American national team. They have great sections on the Olympic team, and also about the World Cup and World Championship. There also are lots of resources here on how to become a certified coach and goalie.

>> US National Team -

The Hockey News

College, National and International Hockey



This is a great site covering all of the news of the hockey world, all over the planet. Much of their coverage is of the NHL but they also cover the KHL and also the national teams for many countries. They also have a great section on the up and coming prospects that may make it to the NHL. The hockey insiders columns are also nice for interesting insights, such as the myth of mental toughness, and how concussions really affect the body.

>> All Hockey News –

The Hockey Hall of Fame


This is a fantastic site for hockey lovers. Based in Toronto, the Hockey Hall of Fame is full of great exhibits and features that appeal to hockey lovers of all ages. There are tons of features about the famous hockey players of the NHL, and you can even pose with an imitation Stanley Cup!

>> Hockey Hall of Fame –

Internet Hockey Database


This is an incredibly rich database of hockey player and team information. There are dozens of hockey leagues in this database going back nearly a century. You can find the most obscure hockey player going back decades in this database. They also have lists of just NHL players that you can break down into many categories – players who played on the most teams, one game wonders, best playoff players, and also the worst NHL players.

>> Comprehensive Hockey Database –

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