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Got a great invention idea? There are many of us with “great ideas” out there and some hardworking individuals become inventors to make those great ideas into practical products we all can use. If you have an invention idea or just want to learn more about inventing, here are some of our favorite inventor sites. Who knows? Perhaps after visiting these sites you’ll be inspired to create your own invention!’s Inventor Site

Aboutcom Inventors

Inventors of every type would like’s Inventor site. View their Inventing 101 section ideal for beginners. You’ll also find information about how to get a Patent or a Trademark – and also how to know the difference between the two. Learn how to sell your product and to get supplies. There is great information about famous inventors and inventions. Also information about African American and women inventors of importance. Our favorite? Visit their great section especially for kids about inventions!

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The Inventor’s Handbook

Inventors Handbook

Any inventor would appreciate this site, the Inventor’s Handbook. It is not light reading but you’ll discover all of the nuts and bolts about inventing and keeping your invention protected as your own idea. Learn about patents and licenses. There is also great information here about business plans. This was created by the Lemelson-MIT Program and offers very useful and practical information ideal for any beginning or experienced inventor.

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Museum of Science Inventor’s Workshop


This is a site any inventor would appreciate. It is about Leonardo DaVinci, one of the best known inventors of our time. At this site you’ll find information about Leonardo’s early years as an apprentice in the studio of artist Verrocchio where he learned a great deal about machinery. Then throughout this site you’ll learn even more about the unique and prolific inventions of Leonardo DaVinci.

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United States Patent and Trademark Office



The United States Patent and Trademark Office is a site that every inventor should know about. If you have or are thinking about coming up with an invention, you’ll want to consider getting it patented or adding a trademark. It is important to learn about patents and trademarks and this website offers useful and practical information so you’ll understand the steps to take to protect your invention.

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The National Inventors Hall of Fame


The National Inventors Hall of Fame is an important website any inventor will want to know about. This group honors men and women who make technological advances that help human, societal and economic progress a possibility. Every year new inventors are honored. You can learn about their school, camp and other programs at this site.

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The Black Inventor Online Museum

The Black Inventor Online Museum

At the Black Inventor Online Museum you’ll find information about important black inventors over the years. Patricia Bath for example was a pioneer in ophthalmology and created a laser-based device to perform cataracts surgery. George Crum created the potato chip after slicing potato chips too thinly by accident. There are dozens of black inventors here to discover at this valuable site.

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Mom Invented


At Mom Invented you’ll find a community of moms who are also inventors. If you are interested in or working on your own invention and are a mom, here is a great place to connect with fellow inventors. Read their blog to learn more about mom inventors and inventing. At Mom Invented they have a new product evaluation program (paid) to help you with your inventing. They can also help you get your patent or trademark (paid).

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