Best Do it Yourself Lawn Care Sites


Want your lawn to be the envy of the neighborhood? Need to figure out how to get rid of the grubs or the crabgrass? Or are you simply tired of paying grocery store prices for vegetables that just never taste as good as those fresh from your own garden? These sites will help you with that green thumb while giving you tips and advice for grass and lawns.

Lawn and Gardening Tips

Do it yourself help for lawn care

Maybe you don’t need to know about yard care products, mowers or other equipment because you’ve got that area covered. But maybe something isn’t working or growing just right and you just need some helpful friendly advice regarding what to do in your hard. In that case, turn to Lawn and Gardening Tips where you will find practical information organized in a user-friendly manner.

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All About Lawns

What you need to know about lawn care

If you need advice about keeping that lawn green you can find it at All About Lawns. Or if you’re the type who would rather someone else take care of your lawn, you can use their search links to find a lawn care professional in your area. All About Lawns also offers handy links to compare various lawn care products and equipment.

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Talking with others about your lawn and landscaping needs


Sometimes the best way to get the advice and help you need is just to turn to others who have or who are currently experiencing similar issues. If you want to know about more than just mowing, at you can join the forum and converse with other yard warriors about how best to get that green green grass of home.

Forum on lawn care and lawn maintenance –

The Garden Counselor

Get pointers from an expert about do it yourself yard care

Have questions and want to talk directly with an expert? Then Dan the Garden Counselor may be just the person you need. Dan offers to answer your questions and give you the advice you need. Dan is a former manager of a retail and wholesale gardening supply center and has a lifelong interest in gardening as a hobby. He’s there now, willing to impart some of that wisdom to you.  Thanks, Dan!

Dan the Gardening Man –


Here’s where you learn to take care of that grass you’ve planted

At Plant-Care their goal is to help you learn more about house plant care, landscaping, pests control, lawn care, help you avoid mistakes, introduce new plant varieties. You can learn about house plants, but there’s a helpful lawn care section as well. You can learn about everything from lawn care and fungus to the ABCs of lawn fertilizer.  From start to finish, this is a great place to learn how to be master of your lawn and all of its plants.

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