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With more than half of all marriages ending in divorce, there are a lot of marriage advice websites out there.  And why not?  Everybody needs all the help they can get.  Here are some sites that might help you get the advice you need to make your marriage work.  Or, at least to spice it up a little…

Marriage Helper

Marriage helper

This site provides several resources related to helping marriages in danger of separation or divorce. It also provides resources to help prevent good marriages from going bad. The site provides a list of helpful articles on various topics related to marriage relationships and accompanying issues like parenting and money. The site also contains an active discussion forum, information about their seminar for marriages in crisis, a bookstore and a free marriage compatibility test that is taken on the site. The site provides a list of testimonials from people who have saved their marriage by attending the seminar/workshop discussed on the site.


Project Happily Ever After

Project Happily Ever After

This is my favorite of the bunch.  I don’t usually put my favorite first, but there you go.  Alisa, the author of the site, is a woman who had a bad marriage that, through a lot of reading and effort, turned into a good marriage.  She is a walking, talking, blogging success story who started the website to share her story with others in the hopes that they too can save their marriage.  She has an e-book you can read, and you can subscribe to her RSS feed for lots of free marriage advice.

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Marriage Builders®

Marriage Builders
This site is the property of Dr. Willard F. Harley, who wrote a book called His Needs, Her Needs:  Building an Affair-proof Marriage.  The site is full of information, including lots of information on how to prevent, cope with, and recover from infidelity.  There are also links to Marriage Builders Radio, and a Marriage Builders Bookstore where you can buy books by Dr. Harley.

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Marriage Advice

Marriage Advice

This site is full of articles about marriage.  You can submit your own article, or read articles by real-life people who write about how to put the spark back in your marriage, how to improve your, ahem, intimate marital relations, how to communicate with your spouse, how to keep infidelity out of your marriage, and more.

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Family Dynamics Institute

Family Dynamics
This is the website that belongs to an organization that works with churches of all denominations to help provide marriage resources to families.  Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee, the organization was started by Joe Beam in 1994 and has grown into a rather large operation with paid staff members.  The testimonials on the website lead one to believe that the program really works.

>>Family Dynamics –

The Couples Institute

The Couples Institute
This site was started in conjunction with The Couples Institute in Menlo Park, California.  Dr. Ellyn Bader and Dr. Peter Pearson are therapists who have gained some impressive press creds, having been interviewed on The Today Show and over 50 other radio and television shows.  The doctors are married to each other, having worked together for 2 years prior to their marriage.  They’ve been together for 24 years.  That’s a pretty good example to set.

>>The Couples Institute –

Talk About Marriage

Talk About Marriage
This is a forum dedicated to marriage and relationships.  It has tons of posts from real people who are dealing with relationship woes and marriage trouble.  Some of the advice given is very good.  Some is downright shocking.  It’s a forum, so you have to use your best judgment to figure out which advice to follow.

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3 Responsesto “Best Marriage Advice Sites”

  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks for this great list. As a marriage blogger myself and a curator of great marriage blogs, this was really helpful. I’m a huge fan of Alisa Bowman’s so glad to see you putting her at number one. I’d also like to recommend checking out Marriage Prep 101. A bit like the Couples Institute, they are married therapists who provide advice on their website for happy marriage as well as running workshops in San Francisco.

  2. Liam says:

    I can vouch for this being a great list as I have visited the majority of these sites and been very impressed. Talk About Marriage and Marriage Builders in particular offer lots of information and advice to visitors. Talk About Marriage is one of the only marriage forums I know, and is certainly the best.

  3. Tom Moody says:

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