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Starting a new diet? Many who are looking to get healthy are turning to the Mediterranean diet. This healthy diet is known for being heart healthy and promoting a healthy lifestyle while encouraging weight loss. You’ll still enjoy many delicious foods – the Mediterranean diet promotes focusing on conscious portion control. So you can enjoy a piece of dark chocolate every now and then, knowing it is on your diet! You just can’t say that about every diet out there.

Here are some of our favorite Mediterranean diet sites. You’ll find Mediterranean diet information, diet tips and recipes to help get you started and keep you on track. Some are paid membership sites and others are free sites. But each offers great information about the Mediterranean diet you’ll find useful and helpful. Happy dieting (and eating!). Mediterranean Diet


You can count on the Mayo Clinic to give you great information about the heart healthy Mediterranean diet. The Mediterranean diet is all about healthy eating, lots of fruits, vegetables and cooking with olive oil. Their food pyramid especially will help anyone easily understand the Mediterranean diet well.

Get information about the Mediterranean diet here – Mediterranean Diet


For those who want to be supported through their diet, is an excellent option. You can do the Mediterranean diet and get meal plans, diet tips all related to this heart healthy diet. Get online support for your diet and learn the benefits of eating foods that promote lower rates of heart disease and cancer.

Find Meditterranean diet information here

The Sonoma Diet

The Sonoma Diet
This is the site for the Sonoma Diet, a popular Mediterranean diet. The Sonoma Diet can help you lose weight while sticking to this heart healthy diet that those who enjoy the Mediterranean diet prefer. At this website you can create a diet profile and learn more about the Sonoma Diet.


Find Meditteranean diet information here

WebMD – the Mediterranean Diet


You know that WebMD will have top quality information about the Mediterranean diet. At this site you’ll find all of the practical information needed to understand if you are interested in starting the Mediterranean diet. This diet is all about portion control, healthy fats, olive oil and fresh foods – sounds delicious to us!

Find Meditteranean diet information here

Eating Well – Mediterranean Diet


At Eating Well you’ll find a wide variety of Mediterranean diet recipes. From main dishes to side dishes and everything in between – there’s something delicious to enjoy. One of the biggest challenges of a new diet is learning how to eat differently. Here you’ll find great new recipes for the Mediterranean diet.

Find Mediterranean diet information here – Mediterranean Diet

Epicurious Mediterranean Diet

At this site you’ll find general information about what the Mediterranean diet is and also a collection of great recipes to get you started. This is a terrific site to visit when you are interested in or beginning the Mediterranean diet. So many dieters find sticking to a diet challenging because they haven’t planned on cooking new delicious recipes. Here you’ll find a great selection of recipes for every meal to keep you on the Mediterranean diet easily and effectively.

Find Meditereranean diet information here

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