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If you like to ride your bikes off road, you know what a fun sport this is, and how good it is for you. Nothing is more enjoyable for some of us than to get off the beaten path on our mountain bike. It is a great way to get a lot of good exercise and to enjoy some of the most beautiful scenery in your area. Read on to learn about the best sites for mountain biking.

Mountain Biking Superstore

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This mountain biking site has everything that a biking enthusiast needs: news, reviews, forums, classifieds, deals, photos and more. We really like the very extensive section of bike reviews. There is a very large section of reviews that are dedicated to full suspension bikes and hardtail bikes, and several other types of bike as well. You really can learn a great deal here about which mountain bike you should buy next.

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Biking Online Magazine

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This online biking magazine has a great section of feature stories that are very interesting for dedicated mountain bikers. On the homepage, we learn about a week-long mountain biking race called the Trans-Sylvania Epic, and there are plenty of other interesting mountain biking stories here, as well as great sections on trails, skills and gear.

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Mountain Bike Action

Biking News

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This mountain biking website has a really nice section on products. They have great feature stories on all sorts of new biking products, such as how to quiet your ride, a review of biking repair tools, new suspension designs and new airlock tubes. The technical section is also great to teach you how to make all sorts of repairs on your mountain bike.

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Pure Action Sports


This is a comprehensive action sports website that heavily features mountain biking, but there also are lots of great features on other outdoor sports, such as snowboarding and surfing. We really enjoyed the section of mountain biking videos that has interesting footage of recent races and also has some how to videos on how to repair your mountain bike. The section on mountain biking brands has some great links to many good deals if you are looking for a new mountain bike.

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International Mountain Biking Association



IMBA is one of the largest biking associations in the world. The IMBA has over 35,000 members and it contains more than 750 bicycle clubs around the world. This organization focuses on all sorts of topics that are important to both mountain and road bikers. For example, there is a very good Take Action section that encourages bikers to get involved in local issues that affect bikers. In Arizona, there is an effort underway to try to get the Forest Service to build an extension of the bike trail in the Grand Canyon. Also, in PA, there is a movement to try to get more funds to provide more trails for bikers in the forests of Pennsylvania.

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