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Many, many New Yorkers use public transportation, and many of them decided to blog about it.  From subway etiquette to changes in the MTA, to observations and photographs, and downright mocking and snark, here are some of the best New York Commuter Websites.

Musings of an Irate Commuter

Musings of an Irate Commuter

We’ve actually given props to another of Bitchcakes’ blogs in our Weight Loss Bloggers post.  What can we say?  She’s just an awesome blogger.  While she’s been on a bit of hiatus with this site, it’s still a wealth of information about the life of a daily commuter, as well as her own brand of wit and humor.  Spend some time going through the archives to get a great taste of what life is like for a commuter.

>>Musings of an Irate Commuter –

Subway Douchery

Subway Douchery
This is sort of the Fail Blog of the New York subway system.  Tom Sibley takes pictures of people being stupid or gross on the subway, or he accepts reader-submitted photos and posts them.  It just depends on who is lucky enough to witness some subway douchery that day.  It is a highly entertaining read.

>>Subway Douchery –

2nd Ave. Sagas

second ave sagas

This is sort of the end-all, be-all transit blog.  It is run by Benjamin Kabak, and his website was called “Transit Authority” by the Village Voice, which is high praise indeed.  The website talks about changes in fares, construction areas, news, and more.

>>Second Avenue Sagas –


Transit Blogger

Transit Blogger

Talk about a thorough transit website!  This blog used to be “Through the Eyes of Transit,” but is now more than just a photography site.  With detailed information on all the news on all the transit everywhere, there is particular information available about New York transit, and the author relates personal anecdotes related to traveling via mass transit.

>>Transit Blogger –

Cap’n Transit Rides Again

Capn Transit

This is an over three-year-old blog by a very thoughtful, very smart person who looks into not only the mechanics of public transportation, but the ideas and philosophies behind it.  The website is fascinating to read, and talks not only about commuting, but also about environmental issues, and (in a way) the nature of the human condition in general.

>>Cap’n Transit Rides Again –

Subway Blogger

Subway Blogger

The posts for this blog are made live from the subway itself, via Blackberry.  Rather than covering the technicalities, the news, or the changes in the lines exclusively, it is more of a snapshot of what transit is like in real life.  Lots of times it is funny.

>>Subway Blogger –

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    Hi, thank you for including me! I miss posting on this blog – I just haven’t had time lately. I really appreciate the shout out and link!

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