Best Paper Origami Patterns & Diagrams


Like origami? A lot of people enjoy this popular art of paperfolding. It’s amazing to see the cute and charming things you can create with a few folds of the colorful paper. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced student of origami, one of the most fun things is that there is always something else to learn in origami. It is a fun hobby for many.

Here are some of our favorite paper origami pattern websites with origami diagrams as well. We think you’ll enjoy these as most of them offer origami instructions, so you’ll never run out of fun origami projects to do. Find beginner or advanced origami patterns to challenge your skill level and improve your origami design abilities. Enjoy origami!

Origami Club

Origami Club

Not only will you get instruction on how to do origami at the Origami Club, but directions are given in animation. Isn’t it so much easier when they explain origami in 3D to you? We have to agree. There are so many fun types of origami here that we know you’ll find some fun projects – they are organized into the type of object you’ll make from bugs, animals, flowers, sea creatures, food, valentines and more.

Paper Origami website

Origami Diagrams


We can’t help being impressed because at Origami Diagrams you’ll find more than 350 types of origami objects to make. So there are many fun folds and creations to learn. The biggest challenge is that they are not organized in any way to easily look through them. So have some patience and search through their collection of origami designs, we know you’ll find something you’ll want to create! They do have a search feature you can also use.

Origami Diagrams at

Origami Instructions

At Origami Instructions you’ll find many popular types of origami. View their dollar bill origami or origami for kids sections. Or learn napkin folding origami. If you are new to origami or want to improve your techniques you’ll want to start with their origami base folds section and simple origami section. There is a lot to do at Origami Instructions and you’ll enjoy doing many different types of origami.

Origami Instructions website

Origami Fun – Origami Patterns

Origami Fun


Origami Fun is one of the prettiest origami sites we’ve seen. It’s also very well organized. You’ll find origami videos, origami for kids, information on great origami folding tips and even some amazing origami to inspire you to do more with your origami! Learn how to make origami flowers, boxes, animals, birds, stars, toys, roses, dragons, cats, Halloween, Christmas and Easter origami. You can even show off your latest origami design at this website too!

Origami website

Origami Resource Center

Origami Resource Center

The Origami Resource Center has more than 500 different origami designs for you to try! That’s a lot of fun origami to enjoy! The best thing about the Origami Resource Center is that you’ll find a wide variety of origami. Don’t expect to only see a few types of classic origami. You’ll see a lot of modern origami, both easy and more challenging origami and also some fun holiday themed origami. One of our favorites was their Star Wars themed origami! This website has both origami and kirigami for kids – and lots of great classroom projects helpful for teachers or homeschooling families.

Origami Designs & Patterns at

Oriland – What Origami Can Be!


Oriland Origami Studio offers their own style of origami. Fresh, modern and original, you’ll appreciate this beautiful origami. It’s especially ideal for the origami student who has done a bit of origami and is looking for a challenge or to try modern style origami. View their Origami Studio section to see lessons for different types of origami from animals, boxes, decorations, plants, fashion, characters, bureau (things for your desk) and more.

Origami website

Origami USA – Paper Origami Patterns


Origami USA is America’s national origami society. The mission of Origami USA is “to share the joy of paperfolding, preserve its history, nurture its growth, bring people together and encourage community among paper folders.” This is a great resource and community if you enjoy origami. It is an ideal website to visit if you want to learn more about origami or if you are a more experienced origami student and simply want to stay up to date on the most current origami trends.

Paper Origami Patterns

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