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Buying new eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses can be a stressful endeavor. You may feel pressured to buy frames you’re not crazy about just because you spent so much time in the store. You may run out the door screaming when you see the price tag on your favorite pair—and that’s before they put you lenses in! Fortunately, from this common complaint has arisen an abundance of online stores where you can find glasses that suit your style and won’t send you to the poorhouse. The following sites offer great-looking glasses and sunglasses at affordable prices.

Fifties Frames

Stylish Frames from the Fifties

The graphics are stylish, the language is fun and friendly, and the inventory is super-special at Fifties Frames. This is where you want to go if you want frames nobody else has. There are horn-rims, cat-eye, and aviator frames, as well as kooky octagonal frames, chichi reading glasses, and kid’s frames of all kinds of hip shapes and sizes—even baby-sizes! This is all great news, but it gets even better: most of the frames here are priced at well under $100, and there is always a group of sale frames under the heading “38 Specials,” which will set you back a mere 38 smackers. Considering the high price of good-looking prescription glasses, this is an absolute steal. Of course you’ll have to take your frames to your optometrist to have them adjusted for your face and prescription, but you will save a ton. Fifties Frames accepts all major credit cards as well as PayPal. They ship Priority and Express Mail, and accept returns within ten days of you receiving them, so you’ll have to make up your mind fast.


Warby Parker

Designer Eye Glass Frames for Fashionistas

Fashionistas rejoice: Warby Parker is here to bring you vision. This site will ship five sets of frames to you for free so you can try them on and take as long as five days to decide on the right style for you. And if that’s too much hassle, try the virtual try-on feature, where you can take a picture with your web cam and see how different styles of glasses will look on you. With eyeglasses and sunglasses from on-trend designers like Suno, you might have to work to narrow down your favorites. Most of the styles here are thicker, plastic frames, so if you’re looking for Ben Franklin or John Lennon glasses, go elsewhere. But, Warby Parker is a good option for the socially conscious shopper: there is a Buy a Pair, Give a Pair option where part of the money you spend will go toward helping someone in need get glasses. There’s a flat rate here of $95 for any complete pair of eyeglasses or non-prescription sunglasses. Theydo not accept insurance, but encourage you to discuss the possibility of a rebate from your insurer. They do accept all major credit cards and shipping and returns are free to the lower 48.


Frames Direct

Large Quantity of Designer Frames

The selection of glasses at Frames Direct is astonishing. Designer frames from Armani Exchange to Vera Wang are available at rather non-designer prices, but there is also a wide array of reading glasses, safety glasses, and computer glasses, which reduce eyestrain associated with hours in front of a computer screen. This site also has a virtual try-on feature which you can use with an uploaded photo or a photo you take with your webcam. You can pick from several lens coatings like transition or anti-reflective. There are multiple sales and incentives going on at all times, and you can choose whichever offer seems to be the best value for your needs. You can find the option to shop glasses across brands by first searching glasses, then narrowing by gender, then you will find a menu that you can use to refine your search by frame shape, color, price range, face shape, and more. Or you could just go for contacts, which can also be bought here.



Prescription Frames with Large Selection can help you with a variety of vision care, whether you would prefer to buy just the frames, send in your own frames to be fitted with your prescription, order complete eyeglasses, or grab some sunglasses, prescription or non. This site has a lot of variety in both brand and style: you can even search by frames adorned with Swarovski crystals. Some of the frames are new old stock from discontinued styles, which you can’t find anywhere else, the rest are currently available models. The glasses under the “vintage” heading are by and large retro reproductions, rather than one-of-a-kind finds. That’s okay, though, they still look great. If you sign in for an account, you can use the “dressing room,” which is their version of the virtual try-on option. Unlike some of the other sites, they can also direct you to an eye doctor in your area if you need to update your prescription.



Glasses and Frames for Online Shopping

Firmoo is just fun to say, and you will enjoy answering the complements you get on your new specs by proclaiming loudly the name of the site where you bought them. If you’re looking for colorful frames, this is the place to be. You can search by color, and when you click on a model you like, similar styles will appear in a menu below. The prices here are low, too— you can find a few dozen frames for less than ten bucks! Then you can pick and choose the upgrades you want to make and watch the price climb (slightly). Now, get this: if you’ve never ordered glasses online before, they’ll send you a free pair of 1.5 single vision glasses. For less than $5, you can make them 1.5 sunglasses. The site only accepts payment through PayPal, although you can use some credit cards through PayPal’s site.


Wooden frames, monocles, lorgnettes, and pince-nez designs

If you’re looking for something off the beaten path, may be the spot for you. You can find wooden frames, monocles, lorgnettes, and pince-nez designs here. Or perhaps you’d prefer flexible frames or prescription sport goggles. There are dozens of stunning jeweled and cat-eye frames, as well as Harry Potter, John Lennon, and Tina Fey styles. If you can’t find a design you are wild about here, you simply cannot be pleased. You can also pick up all kinds of accessories here, like straps and chains, cleaning cloths, and contact lens products. If you drop more that $100, they’ll ship your order for free.


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