Best Plus Size Clothing for Women Websites


If you’re a plus size gal (like me…..) sometimes you run into the “cute clothes” challenge. You know the one: not being able to find them! It seems like many stores and designers have forgotten that the “average” woman today is now a dress size 14, making the plus size gal more “average” than ever wearing sizes 16 through 26.

Here are 10 Best Plus Size Clothing stores you’re going to love. From trendy to contemporary clothes we’ve got you covered. Something for every woman to easily find that great new dress, bathing suit or cute new outfit for work or fun.


Torrid Website - Clothing for Plus Size Women Now this is a popular favorite for the trendy gal who loves popular culture and wants to stand out from the rest. From a dressy dress to casual jeans, t-shirts and even voluptuous bathing suits you’ll find it all at Torrid. Torrid keeps your plus size curves well in mind, without adding lots of silly ruffles, pleats or scary oversize prints. A great choice for teens or those “young at heart” too.


missphit Clothing for Plus Size Women This online store comes straight from L.A. and boy does it show! Sophisticated but casual designs to please many plus size gals. You’ll make a great entrance wearing casual or evening clothing that is designed especially for our curves with elegant lines and a high fashion touch. Missphit will appeal to the fashion diva plus size gal who loves Vogue, Marie Claire and drools over the latest fashions….these come in your size too!


Kiyonna Plus Size Women's Clothing Website This is a favorite choice for plus size gals who prefer a bold and glamorous look. If you long to look like a bombshell – then Kiyonna’s fashions will compliment you well. Dramatic touches like cut out drop sleeves and sexy wrap dresses. Their Legacy Wrap Dress truly is an icon among plus sized women for a flattering look just about every woman can wear with confidence.

Ashley Stewart

Ashley Stewart Plus Size Women's Clothing Website A great choice for the feminine plus sized gal. Don’t be alarmed, you will find ruffles and lace here – but they are done with distinctive taste and style. Lots of great fashionable options for the plus sized gal at very competitive prices. Extended sizes also available.


Avenue Plus Size Women's Clothing Website

advertisement The Avenue is a popular favorite with many a plus sized gal. You’ll find contemporary and classic plus sized clothing at the Avenue, all made from high quality materials. Best of all, the Avenue offers most of its clothes in plenty of different colors, so you can always get the look you are seeking for. This is a store ideal for plus sized gals of every age – from the just above teens to the older plus sized gals that never whisper their age.

Lane Bryant

Lane Bryant Plus Size Women's Clothing Website You’ll find fashion conscious clothing at Lane Bryant ideal for many women. With both stores and online shopping, Lane Bryant is a convenient choice for lots of shoppers. This store also carries a full variety of options, from casual clothing, dressy clothing, lingerie and even plus size shoes. Create an entire outfit or plan your season’s wardrobe all in one location, it really is that easy.


Bandlu Plus Size Women's Clothing Website Ideal for the super trendy plus size gal who wants to follow today’s trends and find her size. This store even carries extended sizes 4 to 6x, a great convenience for any plus size gal. Fashions likely will appeal to the young or “young at heart.” Feminine and cute looks especially perfect for date night or that day on the town you want to look your best.


J. Jill Plus Size Women's Clothing Website This store is perfect for the plus sized gal who feels more comfortable in natural fabrics and fibers and longs for comfortable and/or casual clothing. That is not to say this is “sloppy” clothing, you’ll always look very put together and presentable wearing JJill. A high end store using the finest of fabrics in luscious colors, their clothing lasts and lasts and lasts.

Ulla Popken

Ulla Popken Plus Size Women's Clothing Website You’ll discover feminine and tren put together. Ulla Popken keeps a plus sized gal’s curves well in mind and also follows today’s fashion trends. A great store for women of many ages.


alight Plus Size Women's Clothing Website There’s always something cute and fun at At this store you’ll find feminine and hip clothing that will set you apart. This is not the everyday style you’ll find everyone picking up at the mall. Juniors plus is available here too. Search by designer or preferred style, a fun way to shop!

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57 Responsesto “Best Plus Size Clothing for Women Websites”

  1. Any suggestions for plus size wedding dresses? Not all of us gals get down to our birth weight before getting married. ;-)

    • Kelly says: I've not ordered from them, but looks cute and very inexpensive (shipped from out of the U.S. but…)

  2. Nancy says:

    I’m truly puzzled at the recommendations- Avenue clothes are cheap and they look it their cotton tees shrink terribly); Lane Bryant at best is ugly; JJill, nice but don’t they know there are other colors than black?; Ulla, I’m not sure about; Ashley Stewart, ugly and cheap looking. So why not go back and name some good stores!

    • admin says:

      Nancy, obviously clothing style is a personal preference and these stores must be doing something right to be successful. On the other hand, we welcome other opinions, so please list a few stores you have found helpful. Thanks for the comment.

      • Katie says:

        Forever 21+ actually has some high sizes. also wet seal you just have to check the websites for these stores becuase sometimes its only online.

    • crystal says:

      I agree with Nancy. The only reason they are on this list is because they are so few retailers for plus sized clothing and there are no really high quality stores. Pretty frustrating.

    • Katie K says:

      I've done some research and here are the sites I have found.

      • CassyJode says:

        WOW Big thanks to you!!! So glad someone did the research. I am shocked at how little most of the stores carry in really cute, sexy, plus size clothing. I am almost 48 yrs. old in a few days, lol, however I neither dress like an old woman, nor do I wish to dress that way. I just wish I had the money to start my own business & design a really sexy, cute, clothing line for "real" plus size women!

    • abbinme says:

      I agree, where are the "pretty" plus size clothes. If it's the right fit and style it's printed all over with ugly chevrons and outrageous colors, lol. If not you get your grandma's style. :( sad face.
      I'm looking for great looking clothes with a romantic soft feel. Just like the tiny Barbie sizes I see in stores, only my size.

  3. Peter Jones says:

    Clothing comes in various style, colour and material types like leather, and is always been reinvented they say… I say not though… the same fashions for the god knows how many years have been reinventions of the same styles just slightly modernised for the era they are in, at that particular time.

  4. Nancy says:

    To Admin – Sorry it took me so long to get back to you when you asked for stores I have found success with. Frankly that is why I’m reading blogs. My best “store” is an experienced dressmaker who makes me wonderful wardrobe items from Vogue pattern or things she sees in other places. Other than that, Nordstorm is expensive but good, Macy’s not so expensive but good. JC Penney sometimes OK, mostly not. Was in Avenue the other day, the clothes looked nice but experience has shown they simply do not hold up.

  5. abby says:

    Hi Nancy :)

    From the clothing stores you mention it sounds like you have a classic to a contemporary dress style. I would suggest Talbots Woman and Elisabeth by Liz Claiborne for you, both great stores with top notch quality.

    With this article I tried to show a variety of plus size stores – as a plus size woman I know it can be hard sometimes to find that “right store” (hey as any woman…right?). So I wanted to show a variety from the trendy, classic, contemporary and even the juniors sizes.

    Lucky you to have a wonderful dressmaker creating beautiful Vogue clothing for you! Sounds like you have a stunning wardrobe! Oh…I’d also suggest J.Jill, they have lovely clothes (they were in the article). Especially their sweaters and dresses.

    To the first poster looking for a wedding dress 1st – Congratulations! Try Alfred Angelo (I think that is the designer’s name) for wedding dresses up to a size 30. You’ll find a beautiful wedding dress!

    :) Abby

    • Debra says:

      Don't forget these websites and some stores carry quite a beautiful assortment of plus size clothing. (now part of appleseeds)
      the limited also has some beautiful clothing in their plus size line

  6. abby says:

    Hello :)

    To the 1st poster, we just did a “Very Best” list on plus size wedding gowns. Hope this is helpful to you and other happy brides!

    :) Abby

  7. Judyth says:

    Lane Bryant, Catherines, Avenue, Fashion Bug, etc. offer plus clothing but, as another poster pointed out, the fabrication, quality & durability leave much to be desired–lots of polyester (especially in old-lady florals!) Also, the majority of plus size clothing retailers only go through size 3X/28W. A few have sizing that goes higher but there are still the same problems with fabric content, quality, etc. The only place I’ve found that has the same quality, up-to-date styles, natural fabrics, etc. as “normal” sizes is Nordstrom’s. Of course, you have to be willing to purchase fewer pieces to compensate for their higher prices. (Example: I’d just like to be able to buy a beautiful silk blouse in a size 32W!!!)

  8. Jackie says:

    I always have an issue with plus size jeans. Some jeans are not flattering just because we are plus size doesn’t mean we have to dress ugly or not have options to choose from. Pluz size women got it going on to!!! Designs need to get with it. I am hispanic and we have curves.

  9. KC says:

    For the love of good gravy, is there anyone who can direct a “plus sized” “full figured” “big girl” “fatty” to a supplier (preferably from an American manufacturer) of OVERALLS? Thanks to health issues, steroids, & a wonked out thyroid, I am a size 26 or 28 & need overalls that are meant to be worked in, not those froufrou, bespangled get ups you’d wear to a club, but to get mucked up with mud, oil, slop, & crud. I am not finding much by the usual routes (think brands such as Carhartt, Walls, Dickies) & would really like to get a few pairs & perhaps a denim jumper dress as well, but there is nothing out there for sizes larger than 22 or 24. Any help is appreciated. As for the silly goose who whined about how poorly made & limited the large size specialty shops are offering: c’mon! I could only wish I had enough $ to have my clothing made for me & if you’re able to buy off the rack at Neiman Marcus & Nordstrom, you have absolutely NO idea what it is like for us that are bigger than a 20. Avenue is A-OK for the general fare & somewhat dressy, while Catherine’s & Lane Bryant really have gotten bad with the designers & manufacturers. The styles are akin to look good on 4 yr olds or 104 yr olds, with little in between. I have seen some truly cute choices in the “regular” sizes which would be lovely for we “plus sized” gals, but it seems that our $ is not good enough for them. How awesome it would be to find a cotton dress with eyelet lace & frills in the plus range, but there is nothing like that for us. I’m considering busting out my sewing machine & learning to make some basic designs all because I am not amused with what is available lately. I also find it hilarious that you can find ankle length skirts & dresses in the junior & regular sizes, but when it comes to the plus range: mini skirts all around! While some may be comfortable to wear mini skirts & tank tops, I prefer a traditional, modest look & prefer to hide my legs & “bingo wings.” Just because I have nice cleavage doesn’t mean I wish to flaunt it in every top I buy. They say that obesity is at “epidemic levels” but it sure seems like that is not the case in the clothing shops. I’ve noticed that the department stores, Macy’s & Target to name 2, have dropped carrying anything larger than a 24 or a “small” 3X. Why? We larger gals want to wear nice clothes too & not have to search high & low on the internet to find something that just OK. Is it just me, or are there others out there who are befuddled by how little is available for our sizes?

  10. Boodle says:

    I'd like to find a new store other than Lane Bryant that's in my area. LB will occasionally have nice stuff but lately their clothing has really gone downhill. Everything there's so plain and dull. They've also seem to have gone into the idea that plus size clothing should just hang all over the body like a loose sack. There's very little there that's form fitting. It doesn't have to be skintight but loose fitting shirts just make you look fatter. They're good in moderation but that seems to be all that LB offers lately. There's 20 loose shirts to every 1 shirt that actually fits the body.

    Plus everything looks the same. The "new" tops look the same as stuff they have already offered on the site, but in a different color or fabric. It's BORING. As it is now I really only go on there for work clothes and underwear. They do have some cute skirts and dresses, but those are sort of few and far between most times.

    It's been a long while since I've actually had that "OMG, buy the store out" feeling when shopping in a LB store or online. This isn't even limited to LB itself. All plus size fashion seems to have gone this way, going for the quick and easy bland style.

    What's going on with plus size fashion nowadays? It's not like any of this stuff is currently in fashion for "skinny" clothing. Why are we so behind when it comes to fashion?

    • Pam! says:

      Check out MonroeandMain I received their catalog in the mail but have not yet bought from them so I don't know the quality, however they had some pretty cute goodies for the offering. If anyone has bought from them chime in on your experience.

      • Bj says:

        just went to monroe and main…funny that all their plus size clothing is worn by size 3 models…how is that going to show me how it would look on me? I hate when sites do that….looks like we just have to lose weight to be fashionable:(

  11. Fashion says:

    Last week trying to find sites about upcoming fashion shows in France, Italy and the USA. I found scraps of information on a number of sites. Your site is very different from a number of similar sites and blogs. Was pleasantly surprised by the information received about fashion and fashion updates. Keep it up and thanks a lot.

  12. Sue says:

    listen, I just found out about from England. They have free shipping and free return shipping, and the clothes are great! they started as a regular clothes lines, and expended into a plus clothes line b y simpy making their regular sized clothes a bit bigger-what a concept!

    have tried these clothes and I love them-not frumpy not gross-they make you look great. give them a look and I gurantee you that you''l =l love them.

  13. Carla says:

    I'm an inspiring plus size model and the average US women size 14 (not a size 10 like most agencies require). It was refreshing when I got picked to model for Shop Translated The designers were searching for actual real women sizes. They have great stuff, so I was lovin' my freebies!

    • abbinme says:

      Really cute clothes, too bad their "plus size" line only goes up to a 2x (if you are lucky) If designers would keep on this track only make full sizes it would be great!

  14. Gianna says: is my favorite site. I usually shop at this site but I wan unfamiliar with others thanks a lot for sharing some best clothing sites for plus size woman like me. Its really a big task to get plus size fashion clothing and specially at discount. I request you to please share discount sites for plus size, recently I'm using <a href=""></a>

  15. Michell says:

    Hey ladies another great place to try for plus size clothing is a place called Dressbarn. There sizes range from 14w to 24w.They have really great quality and it holds up well in the wash. And yes some of it is made in the USA. They have a nice selection in clothing from casual to dressy. This is there website if you would like to go to it. They have over 800 stores to choose from so hopefully there is one in your area.

    • KC says:

      Aw, I miss DressBarn. It wasn't always a store that even carried plus sizes, but when they did, it was really nice, quality stuff. The local DressBarn stores we buh-bye last year & being that I am in a predicament where I am not able to pin down a size lower than 28, most stores, even for we "big boned" sorts, don't have sizes higher than a 24.
      Someone mentioned UllaPopkin & while her stuff is mad expensive, it's of awesome quality & tends to stay in fashion. UllaPopkin also caters to some really hard to find sizing too. If you haven't already, go take a peek.

  16. Smythe Blazer says:

    Great place to try for plus size clothing. They have really great quality and it holds up well in the wash. Nice selection in clothing from casual to dressy. I was pleasantly surprised by the information received about fashion and fashion updates. Keep it up and thanks a lot.

  17. Froggyis says:

    I have tried Old Navy. I would recommend that you go a size smaller for tops and they are pretty spot on for jeans and dresses. This website was really good. I am a bit apprehensive though because I am tall. I don't know if fashion designers have a hit out on me or if there are dozens of tall women shopping in droves but every time and I mean every time, I go shopping for jeans at Ashley Stewart(all I can buy there) they are sold out. Size twenty twos why have you forsaken me?

  18. sally says:

    How about plus sized stores for youth or young women from 20 and up besides Torrid? The stores mentioned offer clothing not to my liking 'cause of my age.

    Thanks :)

  19. ruth allen says:

    would love to continue to hear from anyone that finds new stores for plus size clothing would like to open fashionable stylish store for the bbw

  20. Julia says:

    Hey all I just read through these comments, some good tips there…my favorite site is they have very attractive options they only go to a 28, but I just found the womanwithin (another website) has anyone tried this before? They seem to have a big variety, but I am not sure about the quality. Thanks!

  21. Lisa says:

    Seriously, who wants to shop for clothes at someplace called DressBARN? A barn is for cows and pigs…and plus size girls have enough challenges without those connotations.

    I agree with the other posters – Lane Bryant – boring, boring, boring…same stuff all the time. Avenue – the last pair of underwear I bought there blew out the first time I wore them. JJill, Talbots, Coldwater Creek…great if you are 50+. Torrid – great if you are 15. Yeah, we can go to Macy's or Nordstrom, but have you noticed how few racks there are dedicated to plus-size clothing? Fewer than 2% of their selections!

    We want choice. We want style. We want quality. It's not that much to ask, or is it?

  22. Alexis says:

    This list was very helpful. Thank you.

  23. SJFrog says:

    Unfortunately, the clothes I have purchased from Womanwithin didn't withstand much. Not quality stuff. Dress barn actually has some nice clothing and the quality is better than most I have seen. What I don't understand is why clothing manufacturers think plus sized women want to wear ugly clothes??
    Thanks to all of you who have written comments here!

  24. Carole Forest says:

    Does anyone know what happened to Vikki Vi. I had some things by her or that company. My favorite dress is now worn out and I would like a new one.

  25. Tashonda says:

    Think about it, ladies. All clothing manufacturers want to make money, period. And the only way to do that is to appeal to the masses. The plus size companies that do have "good selection" are few only because they choose to take the risk of offering what's "trendy" versus what will sell to the majority. The result of such companies are often overpriced clothes in comparison to their often ugly, outdated, moderately priced counterparts. Trendy styles don't do too well in the plus size market because such styles require a person to be proportioned even if they're overweight; otherwise the styles become unflattering and uncomfortable. So, most plus size styles stick to the boring patterns and cuts that we would normally wear to bed. The majority of consumers in the the plus size market have chosen comfort over style and the proof of this is evident. Not to mention, an overweight woman most likely feels better in something that covers her up than a form fitting get up that looks better on a smaller woman. So, manufacturers feed on this.

    Now the part about plus size websites using skinny models-I hate this myself-but the reason is obvious. Some may disagree, but the clothing looks and fits better on a model that is physically fit, thus making the clothing more appealing and more likely to be purchased, which is the goal. Look at the plus size models. Yes, they are beautiful only because they are just larger versions of petite models-proportioned with small breasts, small waists, and curves located only where it flatters. Plus size women sitting behind their computer or angrily passing countless racks in the plus size aisle hoping to fill their shopping carts rarely fit that description.

    Same thing goes for bras. I am plus size because of my height and chest size. I can't shop plus size because its too big and I can't shop "normal" size because its too small for my chest or too short. I've always hated shopping because of this and I've adopted a complicated way of shopping that works for me. If I see something I like on tv or on someone, I google a description of it along with a size number and usually I get a list of stores that carry similar styles. Its kept me going for years and I love how I'm trendy and sexy without wearing what everyone else is wearing.

    Anyways, if you don't like the mentioned styles, you can always try what I've started doing or just deal with what the plus size companies think you should be wearing. Bottom line is, fashion caters to a fit female. Unless you have a medical weight problem, we can all benefit from maintaining a lifestyle where we can be an ideal weight and not have to be tied down to an industry that makes us express ourselves in a negative light. I can't wait to have my baby so I can get back to running and get even hotter than I am now.

    Good luck ladies!

    • Debra says:

      I am also tall – 5'-11" and used to wear a size 2 as a twenty year old. Over the years I've gotten larger. There are plus size women who exercise. I walk 2-1/2 miles each day, ride my bike 4 to 6 miles per day and work out with light weights in my living room.

      When a girls is 18 and plus size, and believe me there are genetics involved, she must be able to dress as great as her peers. Self esteem is a must for everyone.

      Part of the answer may involve a weight revolution BUT until that occurs the best way to bring up the quality of clothing and offering to the plus size market is to ask for better and more.
      Cheap clothing stores sell cheaply produced products. Buy the best clothiing you can afford. Take care of the clothes and write letters to the stores. Everyone deserves the choice of purchasing attractive clothing. A great way to start is for companies to include their plus size lines on the racks in selected stores and place those sizes right along the regular size clothing.
      Having seperate stores is a part of the problem.

      Personally I hope one day to be thinner but until that days comes I'll keep exercising and eating wisely (most of the time) and dressing as well as possible.

  26. Lulu says:

    Has anyone tried – they have some really nice stuff, never bought from them though so don't know about the quality :)

    • neema says:

      Yes, I have been buying from them for several years now as they are the only ones who will post to me country. Also try They have quite a few things that I love and are a staple in my wardrobe

  27. Allison says:

    Kiyonna might be a good choice for someone looking for fashionable updated styles – they use real plus size models for everything – they make all of their clothes in the USA – founded and run by a woman who seems to have a real passion for what she is doing. Their pricing is a bit higher than others but they offer free shipping for a certain order amount on their web site.

  28. The Purple Panda says:

    I used to buy my leggings from Danskin. They were 95% cotton / 5% Lycra, fit great, looked complimentary, stayed up and lasted for years! Now Danskin carries only these crummy leggings that are about half cotton and half other things, fit poorly and baggy and just don't hold up. I've been looking everywhere and keep getting weird low riders that fall off while I'm just standing or massively wide pants that make me look like I have a diaper full. I've tried most of the usual places mentioned, including Woman Within. I wear these things every day and I'm down to wearing holy clothes. Any suggestions?

  29. Jann says:

    Has anyone tried eloquii yet, looks nice but not cheap, but if the quality is good id pay for it.

    • Debra says:

      that is the Limited's line of plus size clothing and well worth the price. This is fashionable stuff made to flatter our size. The clothing made me take a second look and a third. Yes it is a bit pricy but in the long run when one is large better quality clothing looks better. Save you money and purchase a few great pieces – or buy online at sales.

  30. The Purple Panda says:

    Looks promising! Has anyone ordered from Always for Me?

  31. The Purple Panda says:

    Bravada LTD owns I ordered a pair of leggings (90%cotton/10%Lycra) for $19 and they are very thin and the seam doesn't look sturdy. I don't anticipate them lasting long.

    • The Purple Panda says:

      I was right. The leggings were not tight at all, but tore at the seam upon the first wear. Sigh.

  32. shoes says:

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  33. Michelle says:

    There is really great information here. I just opened a store in Asheville NC that sells new and pre-owned plus fashions and it's very hard to find things that are trendy, but not too young looking. It's also difficult to find wholesale items in sizes larger than 3X. If/once the store makes a profit, I may look into designing, but finding a manufacturer in the US seems impossible. Wish me luck.

  34. Cint says:

    Check out Aussie site

    Younger style. Some really good things. Pretty good quality suff though a bit more expensive

  35. Debra says:

    The Limited has a plus size line that is trendy and pretty, Coldwater Creek, Appleseeds, Monteray Bay, Lands End, Kohls (offers Junior plus and women's plus), Damon, Talbots, Lauren website, Jones New York website,
    . For GREAT fitting jeans I found some at Coldwatercreek (they have low waisted jeans — quite low) and the fabric is great. One can also have jeans made to size at a couple of web sites. If you are young or dress young you will have to search through the sites BUT you can find young clothing.
    Women's plus size clothing is for the most part, ugly and looks as though the real idea in the design is not flattering one's figure. The stores I've mentioned above do a good job of flattering our figures and providing quality.

  36. mona says:

    hey just been browsing in the uk google and have ordered from this uk site its absolutely lovely on trend fashion and yes they do international delivery fully tracked. they have a good record and the variety of items is so nice, will be ordering again from them.

  37. Julie says:

    Does anyone remember The Forgotten Woman? Are there stores like that around today? Very high end designer clothes with super luxe fabrics, including leathers & suedes and lots of (tasteful) specialty items with beading for plus sizes. Not the cheap leather some plus size stores use but really fine quality, buttery Italian leathers. Sure, the prices were astronomically criminal, but they owned the market. There was no other store to my knowledge like it. They could pretty much charge whatever they wanted…and did! :) However, if you had a wedding or special occasion to attend and didn't mind indulging $700-$2,000 for a drop-dead outfit, they were the answer and you were guaranteed to walk into your event looking and feeling fabulous. It's shocking that there are no other retailers like this today…I know it's a small market that can actually afford these clothes but considering they'd have no competitors, they would walk away with 100% of the business. If Neimans and other high end retailers still have buyers, why wouldn't these stores? SOMEONE PLEASE BRING BACK LUXURY for the chubbys!!! :)

  38. Online Womens Clothes Shopping says:

    women have always challenges for choosing right cloths so online shopping provide right and desire shopping.they are provide latest fashion buzz and designing cloths as the requirement.thanks for sharing such a nice information.

  39. Sheila says:

    Women of Substance, Damariscotta, Maine. It's a fantastic store, catering exclusively to us. They have a website, but if you are in our area, it's a must-visit because they have an incredible selection. And..they can't be beat for the way they display the outfits with the most beautiful accessories/jewelry. The staff is wonderfully helpful and friendly (and not size 4), and the choices of clothing from casual to over-the-top dressy is exceptional.