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In today’s economy, more people are looking for a job than ever before. That’s why you want a great resume to get that future employer’s attention. Many employers receive hundreds of resumes for that job opening – so you want yours to really stand out.

Here are some of our favorite resume tips and templates sites. Find great resume templates and ideas to make your resume the very best it can be.

Resume Templates


At this site you’ll find many great resume templates for various career fields. Articles about how to improve your resume and also how to have a successful job interview. This is a great site for resumes with lots of information.

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Microsoft Office – Resumes

Microsoft Office Resumes

Microsoft Office has polished and professional resume templates ideal for that job you want to apply for. Not only do they have basic resumes but they also have resumes specific for certain jobs. These templates are compatible with Microsoft Office.

Get great resume tips at – Job Search/Resumes

About com Resumes

At’s section for Job Search, they include lots of great information about resumes. You’ll find resume templates for general resumes and also for specific jobs. Also included are resume templates for combination resumes, chronological resumes and functional resumes. Check out their resume tips section too!


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Easy Job – 25,000 Resume Templates


This is a paid download – but is especially ideal for that job hunter who simply hasn’t found a resume template that pleases them. With 25,000 resume templates to choose from, there’s got to be one to meet your needs (probably more than one). There is a free demo to try.

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The Damn Good Resume

The Damn Good Resume

At this site you’ll find tips to make your resume even better. The Damn Good Resume is a popular book for job hunters and this is its website. You’ll find resume templates, advice about resumes and lots of great information here.

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Monster Resumes and Letters

You can find resume and cover letter tips and advice at, not just job listings! View their Career Advice section to find some great information about resumes and cover letters. Once your resume is complete, you’ll be ready to apply for jobs at and other sites.

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