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Heart disease is the #1 cause of death for Americans, with over 600,000 dying of heart disease-related ailments in 2006. To help keep your heart healthy, we recommend these very helpful websites below.


Better information. Better health

web md

We can’t help but to go to WebMD when we are looking for information for a healthy heart. There’s just so much great stuff here and it is so well laid out. We like the cool Heart Health Center on the heart home page. You can select from several heart-related conditions to get a whole lot of information on that particular disease. Under hypertension, for example, you can choose an overview, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, living and support. There also are great discussion boards on related hypertension subjects.

>> Better Information. Better Health –

American Heart Association

Learn and Live


We like how the AMA site lays out all of the risk factors and ways that you can improve your heart health – right up front and with helpful little pictures – nutrition, physical activity, weight, stress, fats and oils and smoking. When you drill down into physical activity, for example, you get more great tips and information in various areas such as the price of not working out, how to start, where to start and guidelines for working out.

They also have a Conditions section where you can learn all about the various heart problems including cardiac arrest, heart attack, heart failure, high blood pressure, cholesterol and more.

>> Learn and Live – American Heart Association

Mayo Clinic

Overall Health Information


The Mayo Clinic site has a very nice ‘tab’ lay out that is very user friendly and easy on the eyes. You can learn about the various important aspects of heart health and disease – symptoms, risk factors, complications, tests, treatments, coping, etc.


We like in the Prevention section how they have so many great links to articles on how to keep your heart healthy. There is a great article that explains why Omega-3 fatty acids in fish are so great for your heart. This is an unsaturated fat that is believed to cut inflammation all through the body, particularly in blood vessels and in the heart itself.

>> Overall Health Information –

 Heart Healthy Living

Div. of Better Homes and Gardens


This is a very newsy, informative site that definitely has some of the feel of its partner, Better Homes and Gardens. We liked all of the recipes on the front page that are good for your heart. There also is a great article on how to lower your triglycerides with healthy foods. When you drill down, there are literally dozens of heart-healthy recipes in each type of food – breakfast, salads, sandwiches, appetizers, drinks, you name it. They also have a cool recipe section where each recipe has just 5 ingredients – great for people on the go who want to still eat right.

>> Heart Health from Better Homes and Gardens –

We Bring Doctor’s Knowledge to You


This nice site has all of the information you would come to expect from a heart health website: symptoms, high blood pressure, heart failure, exercise, prevention tips. But we were really enthralled with the big slideshow section on heart disease. They really spent a lot of time putting together computer images that explain what happens in various sorts of heart disease. We liked how it shows how a stent is put into the heart. The use of stents and angioplasty in recent years has greatly reduced the number of bypass surgeries in the US in the last decade.

>> We Bring Doctors’ Knowledge to You –

 Franklin Institute

The Human Heart


We like this site because of all of the great information about the human heart. In addition to the tons of technical information about the heart, you can learn about all sorts of little ways to keep your heart healthy. Most of them involve incorporating a little bit more physical activity into your daily activities. This is a great resource for a young person to learn all about the heart and the circulatory system.

>> The Human Heart - Franklin Institute

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