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Buying tires, like so many things, has changed a lot with the advent of the Internet. You can now aggressively shop online for tires, look for the best price, then ship them to the installer you want. Below are some of our favorite sites for buying tires.

Tire Team

Free and Fast Shipping


This is a good site for shopping for tires because the selection is really great. For our Toyota Highlander with 16 inch wheels, they have 26 different tires available. Each tire has plenty of user reviews so you can see how the tires perform in the real world. We also love the free shipping aspect of this website. Shipping can run at least 40 dollars for 4 tires, so when you add that plus no sales tax, shopping on this site can be a great deal.

>> Free and Fast Shipping –

Tire Buyer

Free Shipping


Ok we admit it: We are suckers for free shipping! However, this site also features very competitive pricing. In fact, we took the lowest quote on a Nexen tire on this site and called our local dealer. They could not touch the price that was on this website. We also liked the extensive listing of installers in our area that could put the tires on for us.

Did we mention the free shipping?

>> Free Shipping –

Tire Rack

Great Selection and Reviews


The first site on our list that does NOT including free shipping! Well, that’s okay, because Tire Rack is considered by many to be the leader in online tire sales. What makes it so good is the simply huge selection. Also, there are dozens of detailed user reviews for each tire. This is extremely helpful in making a tire buying decision. After all, you might opt for the $80 tire rather than the $100 tire, but if the cheap tire is reported to wear down in 20,000 miles, are you really saving money?


>> Great Selection and Reviews –

Tires Easy

Awesome Prices and Service


We found this tire website to have the best prices of all of them, and they sometimes offer free shipping too. This site did not have that much as far as user reviews, so it is not the top site. However, you can easily Google any particular tire you are considering and see what previous buyers say about it. For the money that you can save, this is not a bad way to go.

>> Awesome Prices -

Direct Buy Tire

Good Prices


This site is not as easy to use as the others; you cannot seem to select tires by vehicle. You need to know the size of your tire. Not that this is a big deal, but it’s not as user friendly. Still the prices here are pretty good, and we were able to get free shipping most of the time. Not a bad deal at all.

>> Good Prices –

OnLine Tires

The Easiest Way to Buy Tires


This is a pretty sexy site, definitely better to look at than some of the others. They also had a fair number of good deals, as well as some pretty high prices. It is not our top choice, but it is worth stopping buy here when you are shopping to see if they have a special in your size.

>> The Easiest Way to Buy Tire –

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