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With the downturn in the economy in the last few years, you might think that people aren’t spending as much on their dogs. Right? Actually, according to 2009 statistics, this is not really the case. People still spent $45 billion on their pets that year, which did not decrease at all from 2008.

This is not surprising when you see the many great dog supply websites online today. Below are our favorites.

Dog Supplies

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We liked how you can join the Birthday Club on Fetchdog. This gives you access to special deals and savings, and a free gift, on your dog’s birthday. Also, we appreciated the Best Sellers section of the site. We found that this site has a very friendly lay out and it’s quite easy to find what you need for your little friend.

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Dog Supplies and Grooming

pet edge

This is a great dog supply website, but it stands out because it has a special focus on grooming your dog. We liked all the many different grooming supplies, including clippers, blades, shampoos, brushes,and so on. The grooming section even had the different products broken down not just by type but by manufacturer. So if you want a very specific brand of shampoo for your dog, you can easily find it.

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Dog Supplies

dog dot com


We liked all of the focus on gift ideas on the home page of this site. They have these big graphics, as you can see above, for best gifts for under $10, $50 and so on. This site had a very impressive selection of products. They even have a dog water safety section. This section has doggie life preservers, doggie water toys and a boat ladder for your furry friend.


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Because We’re Vets, We Love Pets

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We like that this site is run by vets, so you have the feeling that they really do care about your dog. We like the extensive pet medicine section. This makes it possible for you to order your pet’s prescriptions right through their site. They also have a great section of articles about how to take care of your dog, such as how to remove a tick, and a lot more.

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Find. Love. Pamper

nextday pets

We like that has a find a dog section. This is where you can search for dogs for sale, and also for quality breeders in your area. They also have a dog rescue section, where you can adopt a dog that was given up by its owner. Another nice touch on this site is that they have puppy care packs where you can buy everything you need for your pup in one easy purchase.

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Premium Pet Supplies


This site has all of your pet supply needs covered, with sections on toys, treats, collars, feeding, training, gifts, beds, crates, shampoos and so forth. Cherrybrook has a different twist because it is more focused on dog show preparation. It has an extensive section on show dog supplies, such as finishing sprays, grooming powders, crates to teach your dog to ‘stack’ in the show ring, and much more. There also is a listing of upcoming dog shows in your area.

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