Best Sites for Green Home Improvement and Maintenance


Do It Yourself

Do It Yourself is always a wellspring of easy and helpful hints for homeowners and renters alike. This page offers a snappy shortlist of efficient alternatives to your basic home improvement projects. If you plan on replacing appliances, putting in new flooring, or just slapping on a fresh coat of paint, there are plenty of suggestions here on how you might take a green approach to your improvement. While some of the suggestions may require you to hire a contractor, the savings should make the upfront expense worthwhile.

The Tool Barn

The Tool Barn offers a list of things you can do now and a few larger projects that will make your home more efficient. Start by building a compost pile to reduce the amount of landfill waste you create, then fix all your leaky faucets. After that, you may find yourself more enthusiastic about installing energy efficient doors, windows, and roofing. This site makes several suggestions to involve the whole family in finding energy waste around the house.


Oprah offers up a few money-saving tips to making a greener home. In addition to the great ideas you will find here, the page links to resources where you can recycle your old appliances and construction materials. What sets this page of hints apart is the small price tag. While there is a section on replacing inefficient appliances, most of the tips are cheap, fast, easy, and pack a wallop. These include adding weather stripping to your windows, insulating your water heater, and making your own cleaning products. Be warned when you stop here: you may find yourself down the rabbit hole, clicking link after link of money and energy saving tips. It might not be a bad thing!



TLC Home

The Learning Channel lists green home improvements as a rundown of short and long-term “resolutions.” Keywords throughout the article are clickable, and lead to additional information if the cursory suggestions spark your imagination. This site teaches you how to perform an energy audit of your home, and how to remedy the small problems. Larger projects are discussed, and once again, keywords link to pages where you can buy solar panels, solar tube lighting, and where you can find local contractors who will provide green insulation, like spray foam.


Green Blog

Green Home’s Green Blog is full of articles that will teach you to do everything from making your own air fresheners and candles to overhauling the way you landscape and care for your pool. You can read all about the energy draining culprits around your house that might surprise you. Other useful articles will help separate energy saving facts from fiction, and teach you to install a chlorine filter in your shower. Don’t miss the blog roll at the bottom of the page: it links to eco-savvy all-stars like Treehugger, EcoGeek, and SustainaBlog.


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