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More Americans than ever are starting to grow their own gardens, proving that sustainable living is more of a movement than a trend. Trying to grow fruits and vegetables organically can prove to be a real challenge, though. Crop loss due to pests, weeds, and blight can be a valuable learning experience, allowing individuals to learn from past mistakes and do better next year. Of course, drastic loss is expensive and disappointing, and can frustrate both new and seasoned gardeners to the point of giving up. Fortunately, there are plenty of resources out there to allow home gardeners, urban farmers, and larger-scale growers to address crop concerns naturally, protecting the health of the soil, the water, and the people who will be eating the garden’s bounty. Visit the sites below for sustainable gardening supplies and products.

 Garden Variety Organics

This Texas-based business has been in operation for eight years, and seems to get the picture: gardening is a constant process of trial and error. Rather than give up gardening altogether, or dousing your fruits and veggies in a chemical bath, browse Garden Variety Organics’ massive array of natural and organic solutions to pests, weeds, poor soil, and similar gardening woes. This site also carries a large line of natural pet-care products, bird feeders and baths, and books and gifts. Are you a resident of the Lone Star State? Check out the selection of native Texas plants for sale here. Choosing to landscape with native plants is believed to prevent erosion, reduce allergies, and help control pests and blights.


Arbico Organics

Arbico Organics was doing this way before it was cool. Here you can buy live beneficial insects, like ladybugs, green lacewings, and praying mantises, to name just a few. Keep them from simply flying away with several varieties of lures, also available on this site. For every pest you have, Arbico Organics has a solution, whether it is a natural insect predator, nematodes, or naturally occurring bacteria and fungi that deter plant-munching bugs. Don’t fret if your pests are of the furry, four-legged variety: there are plenty of natural solutions to rabbits, gophers, moles, and deer. You can also purchase some terrific pet-care items here, like natural flea treatments, anti-itch treatments, and flea, tick, and mosquito traps.


Extremely Green Gardening Company

Extremely Green is the lawn-fanatic’s dream come true. Here is the pace to find environmentally responsible alternatives to chemical lawn treatments. Shop soil care, pest and disease control, weed control, seeds, and tools. Purchasing one of the three Organic Lawn Care Program Packages will get you a discount, and detailed instructions on how to maintain a lush, green, weed-free lawn. You can also purchase a whole slew of landscaping tools here and some pretty darn stylish gardening gloves in a rainbow of color options. If you want to do some more homework, visit the site’s bookstore for plenty of lawn-lit.



Planet Natural

Planet Natural really offers the whole package: if you need raised-bed kits, compost bins, rain barrels, or greenhouses, look here. If you’re looking for seeds, grow-lights, or propagation supplies, look here. If you need maintenance items for your water feature, they have that, too. The bookstore is extensive, and there is really nothing you can’t find on this site. Sign up for the e-newsletter for a season-by-season guide to natural lawn, garden, and home care.


Gardens Alive

If you’re growing fruit trees, don’t miss Gardens Alive. In addition to a large line of lawn and garden care, this site offers solutions for the unique set of woes that beset fruit growers. Products like fine mesh net protect fruit trees from hungry birds, and there are natural alternatives to the sealing waxes that deter insects from boring into fruits. Deer and rodent repellents are available here, as well. If you’re not growing fruits, buy the trees and shrubs here! Berry, cherry, stone fruit, and apple trees can all be found here, alongside the selection of natural care accessories.


Organic Gardening Shop

The Organic Gardening Shop offers chemical-free herbicides, fungicides, insecticides, and fertilizers, as well as other products like insect repellents, composting supplies, container gardening, traps, and gardening tools. More than lawn and garden care is available here: this site is a source for pet care products, infant care products, and natural home care. There is also a whole menu of Oriole-specific feeders that would do any birdwatcher or Baltimore fan proud. Take a moment to visit the page of helpful links for blogs, forums, information sites, organizations, and more.


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