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If you are interested in the sport of rock climbing, there are many websites online where you can feed your passion. Below are some of the best rock climbing websites around.

Great General Rock Climbing Source

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This is one of the first rock climbing websites that comes up in Google, and it is a fine one, indeed. You have many really interesting rock climbing articles that you can choose to read on the home page. There also are excellent, detailed videos of successful rock climbing escapades of both professionals and amateurs. If you need to learn about gear, there is a great section with lots of details about the most important equipment.

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Rock Climbing Beyond the Guidebook

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This is another high ranking rock climbing website in Google that impressed us. We look the fact that there is very recent rock climbing news at the top of the site. they also have a section that highlights some new routes that have been developed up the Waddington Range, Puscanturpa Este, and a new route on a mountain in Afghanistan. This website also has some unusual features, such as a listing of gyms with rock climbing walls.

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Discover the Best World Wide Rock Climbing Areas

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This website on rock climbing is interesting because it is focused on the international rock climbing scene. Climb Europe tells about the best possible rock climbing spots in Europe. We found that it is very helpful in helping you to plan for your rock climbing trips. You can use this site to book hotels, buy rock climbing books and also find the best routes up some of the best rock climbing sites in the world. There are different sections of the site that focus on rock climbing in different countries, such as Greece, Italy, Hungary, England, Croatia, Corsica and Belgium.

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World’s Best Rock Climbing Information

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This is a very good, complete and easy to navigate website on rock climbing. We found it very informative because of the detailed section of climbing areas. You can learn about all of the best rock climbing sites in California, Alaska, the Southwest and much more. There also is a very good section of rock climbing routes for the best sites in North America. If you need to find a guidebook for a certain area, you are sure to find it on this rock climbing site as well.

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Best Rock Climbing Gear

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This is the best site on the Internet, in our opinion, for finding all of the rock climbing gear that you need at a reasonable cost. features rock climbing shoes, harnesses, helmets, ropes, webbing and cord, slings and runners, carabiners, rock protection, chalk, chalk bags and a lot more. It focuses so much on rock climbing because the company first started out as a company dedicated to the needs of rock climbers around the world. It now carries other products as well for other sports, of course.

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