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As the mercury rises, our appetites tend to shrink. In the dead of summer, most of us avoid the kitchen as much as possible, opting instead for the grill. Sometimes, eating anything more than a few slices of vine-ripe tomato and a sprinkle of salt seems like a chore. This is the time to turn to your blender for great smoothie recipes. Smoothies are a nutritious way to beat the heat. If you’re looking for a healthy breakfast or snack, or trying to satisfy your sweet-tooth without compromising your bikini body, try some of these recipes today.

Smoothie Web

Smoothie Web appears a bit chaotic at first glance; however, you eye will eventually find the left-hand menu. Here, the recipes are organized by course, by ingredient, and by category. This site, unlike the others, features several “adult” (read boozy) smoothies for all seasons. If you’re planning a summer barbecue, why not serve the Mojito Smoothie, and put your muddling muscles to better use, like bocce ball! For every day, though, try out the long list of low-fat, low-carb, green, and cleansing smoothies.


Smoothie Recipes.Net

This site’s ice-cream-parlor-chic appearance will immediately put you in the mood for a frozen treat. The myriad healthy recipes are divided by type, ingredient, and dietary consideration. The graphic divisions are the same as the left-hand menu, and the photos are pretty and enticing. Whether you are looking for weight-loss smoothies, dairy-free treats, or a way to use up the bumper-crop of berries, you’ll find some great recipes here. Most of the recipes serve between three and five, so if you don’t have a crowd, consider freezing your concoctions into convenient “pops,” or simply scale down.



Whole Living

Whole Living, the overall wellness magazine, is a lovely resource for healthy recipes. Their collection of smoothie recipes offers up 40 different options, all bursting with flavor and antioxidants to boot. Flip through the pages, and if you like the photo and description, click the recipe. This site is clean and easy to navigate, and offers a good balance of tested recipes from the everyday (strawberry banana) to the adventurous (avocado vanilla).


Food Network

If you want a quick way out of your breakfast (or dessert) rut, the Food Network’s smoothie page will save the day. This is a quick and simple overview of 50 smoothie recipes, each about one sentence long. They don’t seem to be organized in any particular order—alphabetical would be nice for times when you find yourself trying to get rid of extra fruits, herbs, or vegetables—still, the pages are simple enough to skim. You’ll be impressed with the variety here: the recipes range from Birthday Cake to Mint-Jalapeño.


Incredible Smoothies

Incredible smoothies is going to be the best resource for those who want to try out some of the new superfoods. There are plenty of recipes that feature chia seeds, flaxseeds, leafy greens, and sea vegetables. There is also an entire page devoted to banana-free smoothies. If you’re turning to smoothies as a way to jumpstart a detox or weight-loss regimen, or if you are simply trying to work more raw foods into your diet, visit incredible smoothies for some delicious new ways to sip your way to better health.


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  1. Smoothies are great for better health.