Best Surfing Websites


If you like to learn about surfers, watch surfing videos, get surf wallpaper for your desktop, buy surfing equipment, we have a great list of websites for you! Read on to see our best surfing websites!

Surfer Magazine

News, Boards, Features and More


This site features tons of great pictures of surfing in all sorts of beautiful places, not to mention loads of videos too. It also has a great forecast section if you are planning to hit the waves soon, and there is a good section of blogs. I also like the forum where I can chat with other surfers. The feature section is very interesting, as well, such as the story about how parents can be too demanding and even abusive to their surfing children.

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Know Before You Go


This appears to be a great website for the serious surfer. You get all sorts of extended forecasts for surfing all over the world, as well as plenty of live cameras, news, cool features, photos and videos. If you pay for their premium service, you will get HD video, more forecasts and even an app for your Smartphone. They have live cameras on beaches all over the world, so this is a great resource.

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This site has a great surfing shop where you can buy shorts, hats, bathing suits, body suits, boots, everything you need for your next day in the water. I also liked the Gear Guide for 2011 and 2012. They have various products there that are among the best for the year. You also can get advice on the best products in these areas: boards, trunks, suits, sandals, fins, leashes, watches and more.


>> Transworld -


Association of Surfing Professionals

ASP World Tour


This site is for professional surfers and professional surfing fans. It has rankings for surfers in many categories, and it also has a long list of international surfing events each year. It also has a dedicated section for each part of the globe, so you can read all about surfing in your part of the world. They also have some great videos of world competitions.

>> Association of Surfing Professionals – ASP

International Surfing Association

For a Better Surfing Future


This is the other major surfing association in the world. This website also has an extensive listing of upcoming world surfing events, and an extensive news section with surfing news broken down by continent. ISA also has several meetings every year. Also, there is a very large section with HD photos and videos from past events.

>> For a Better Surfing Future –


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