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Many enjoy the popular cooking challenge and reality TV show, Top Chef. Top Chef has become so popular it has inspired additional shows like Top Chef All Stars and Top Chef Masters. There’s something so fun about watching talented chefs cook delicious (and challenging) custom created recipes and seeing whose are the best.

If you watch Top Chef you’ll be happy to know there are some great Top Chef websites out there. We’ve found you some of these great Top Chef websites to enjoy. Some have lots of information about the Top Chef shows so you can enjoy them even more and others have information about specific contestants including some of their delicious recipes!

Top Chef fans; here are some must-visit Top Chef websites!

Blogging Top Chef

The tagline for Blogging Top Chef is “Chewing It Up and Spitting it Out!” So you can expect to find all things Top Chef at this fun blog. This is like a cool celebrity style magazine completely dedicated to Top Chef, so if this is your favorite show you’ll be sure to enjoy a visit. Lots of images of Top Chefs and food themed items you’ll appreciate. This is a must-see blog for any Top Chef fan.

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All Top Chef

At All Top Chef you’ll find fun and cool info about Top Chefs “all the time.” It’s the perfect blog for any Top Chef fan to visit. The day we visited they were showing previews of one of the episodes, something cool that any Top Chef fan would be sure to appreciate. This is a very active website with lots of posts, so expect to see tons of Top Chef themed content here.

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Top Chef University

Did you ever want to learn to cook like a Top Chef? Well here’s your chance to get cooking lessons from the Top Chefs themselves. At Top Chef University you’ll find cooking lessons and tips from some of our favorite Top Chefs. Top Chef University offers a free trial (paid membership afterward) so you can try it out and see what it is like cooking with the Top Chefs. Visit the Instructors section and you’ll see who is teaching the cooking lessons. Visit their blog and get great cooking tips and catch up with your favorite Top Chefs.

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Hosea Rosenberg

Many may remember the popular Top Chef contestant Hosea Rosenberg from Season 5. This is his website, and any Top Chef show fan will want to be sure to visit. Enjoy Rosenberg’s videos and recipes so you can learn more about how to cook just like a Top Chef contestant. Read his Calendar to see where he will appear next. Like Twitter? Follow Rosenberg on Twitter, he’s quite active and sends out Tweets about his day and the cooking events and activities he participates in.

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Chef Tre

Chef Tree was a Top Chef All Star. Visit Tre’s site to learn about him and his great restaurant. Chef Tre’s website has great photographs and has a very attractive layout and design that anyone can easily appreciate. Enjoy videos of Chef Tre or read more about who Tre is. This website is one that any Top Chef or Top Chef All Star fan will want to be sure to visit.

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Top Chef Fansite
Top Chef Fansite

At Top Chef Fansite you’ll find information about the current season and lots more. This is a very detailed Top Chef website that any enthusiastic Top Chef fan would appreciate. Right on the homepage you can easily see who has been eliminated from the competition, to keep track of who is still in the running to be Top Chef. There is also a list of Top Chef Alumni Restaurants so you can enjoy their delicious food whether on vacation or in your hometown. A fun section shows you how to create your very own Top Chef Challenge.

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Fabio Viviani

A popular Top Chef contestant, Fabio Viviani has a great website you can visit. Read his blog to learn cooking tips and the latest cooking events for Viviani. Any Top Chef will appreciate Viviani’s section called Recipeasy, with about a dozen delicious recipes ideal for your dinner table. From Fabio Viviani’s Gnocchi to 4 Cheese Meatloaf to Fabio’s Chicken, you’ll be sure to find something your family will enjoy.

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