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Many of us collected beer cans as kids, and some of us may still have some of those cans sitting around in the basement or attic. So what are those old cans worth? If you’re interested in taking up beer can collecting again, you should try checking out the sites listed below.

Brewery Collectibles Club of America

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This is a comprehensive website dedicated to the collection of all things related to beer. Cans obviously are the big collectible, but you also should go here if you are interested in collecting bottles, caps and so forth. This site provides the collector with a  lot of important information about the value of beer collectibles, the history of beer can collecting, and also the types of cans. As this site details, the different eras of the 20th century had different types of beer cans.

>> Brewery Collectibles Club of America –

Always Buying/Selling Quality Beercans

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This site is nothing fancy, but we liked all of the helpful information about the value of most beer cans. Hint – most of the cans we collected in the 1970s are worthless. Rarity and condition is the key to cans being worth anything. There is a very nice section of collection pictures that the site owner took in LA and TX. We also like that he always is available for purchasing and trading beer cans. A great reference for the collector.

>> Always Collecting –

Biggest Collection of Beer Cans

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This is a most unusual beer can website. This man has a huge collection of beer cans in his house. But he also offers an inn/bed and breakfast experience! He has several rooms with the walls lined with beer cans. He has rooms such as the German Room, the Scandanavia Room and the Pacific Rim Room. All of them are themed with beer cans from that particular region.


>> Beer Can Inn –

Vintage Collectible Beer and Soda Cans

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We really like this website because it has a fantastic gallery of beer cans with prices. They have a full gallery available of the following types of beer cans: cone tops, quarts, flat tops, pull tops, non-US, crowntainers, and soda cans. They also have excellent, up close pictures that show the condition of each can. There really is not a better website online where you can really get a good idea of what many of your cans are worth.

>> Vintage Collectibles –

Pays Cash!

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This website is another really good choice if you are looking to sell your old beer cans, or if you want to learn the history of beer cans. There is a very good collection page that shows what the guy has in stock, and the pictures are very good. He also has plenty of information here about the types of beer cans, and how beer can quality is graded and value is figured out. He keeps his cans in a climate controlled environment, so clearly he really is a serious beer can guy.

>> Beer Cans Cash –




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