Best Zoo Cams for Seeing Cute Animals


Got too much work and can’t go to the zoo today? Yes, we can certainly relate to that dilemma! Well thanks to technology, the zoo can actually come to you, thanks to the zoo cams! Take a 5 minute – or even a quick 5 second break – and just visit some of your favorite zoo animals via the zoo cams.

There’s something so fun and appealing about seeing live animals. We don’t even think we can explain it. But we do know it will put a smile on your face!

Our zoo cam tips:

Be patient. Remember that animals have feeding and nap times. They aren’t always in front of the camera.

Don’t see animals on the zoo cam? Try in a few minutes? They could just be out of the zoo cam’s view for the moment.

You’ll need a speedy computer to run zoo cam technology.
If you have a stone age computer, try looking at zoo cams at a friend or family member’s computer.

National Zoo Cams

National Zoo – Zoo Cams

You’ll find quite a few zoo cams here to enjoy. View the asian small-clawed otters or the cheetahcam. One of the tigers is expecting a cub in mid-September. This site gives lots of information about the animals, not just the “cam” to look at.

Look at zoo cams here

San Diego Zoo Cam

San Diego Zoo – Cams and Videos

Here at the San Diego Zoo you’ll find some great zoo cams and animal videos. View their Panda Cam, Polar Cam and Elephant Cam. Also for fun, view their animal videos! The San Diego Zoo is home to many animals and is a well-known zoo. Lots of cute and adorable animals here.

Look at zoo cams here


Toledo Zoo Web Cams

Toledo Zoo – Zoo Cams

Take a break from your busy day and spend a few moments with the hippos on their Hippo Underwater Web Cams. Or see the seals or the polar bears. Perfect for the hot and humid weather many of us have been experiencing – seeing these wonderful creatures stay wet and cool. Or look at the majestic and loving elephants on their cam. Lots to see.

Look at zoo cams here

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo Cam

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo – Zoo Cam

This is a wonderful giraffe cam. See the stunning giraffes, available during open zoo hours. We were very entertained by these tall and charming creatures as they visited with zoo guests during the day we visited via zoo cam!

Look at the zoo cam here

Pittsburgh Zoo Cam

Pittsburgh Zoo Cam

From KDKA, here is the Pittsburgh Zoo Cam. View the adorable polar bears and tigers and see how their day is going. There is nothing that can put a smile on your face quicker than a few moments spent watching the tigers or polar bears! Scroll down on this page and you’ll see the link for the zoo cam and click on the “Live” button.

Look at the zoo cam here

Earth Cam Turtle Cam

Earth Cam (Loggerhead Marinelife Center) – Turtle Cam

Visit Florida’s Loggerhead Marinelife Center virtually to see the turtles they are nursing back to health. The turtles are available to view during “business hours.” How wonderful to see these large and gentle turtles as they become healthy once more – its fun to watch them swimming about!

Look at the zoo cam here

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