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Some people love them – eight-legged and industrious – spiders.  Some people are deathly afraid of them.  Few are indifferent to them.  That being said, most people would like to be able to size up a spider and tell if it could potentially kill them or not.  Lucky for us, there are some great sources on the Internet that will help you identify that spider.

Bad Spider Bites

Bad Spider Bites

Hopefully it won’t come to that, but if you happen to get a spider bite, this site has pictures of what different bites from different spiders look like, as well as lists of treatment options, information on spiders, and information on things that are often mistaken for spider bites.  Also, you can send a picture of your spider or spider bite, or a description, to Jim, and he’ll find out about your spider for you.  Thanks, Jim!

>>Damage Control On Spider Bites –

Termite Dot Com

Termite Dot Com

It might be a site about termites, but it has this handy spider identification chart, and you can apply online for a free printout to hang in your…house?  Garden shed?  Car?  The clickable page allows you to move down the page to the spider category you choose, and it tells you about what the spider looks like, whether it is venomous or not, and where you’re likely to run into it.  Handy.

>>Handy Spider Chart –



If you don’t mind reading, this is a fabulous resource with tons of information about spiders.  John A. Jackman from Texas A & M wrote this piece, which is a very readable overview of spiders – which ones are harmful, and which ones aren’t.  He gives you the category of spider, a description and overview of the life cycle, and the bite symptoms if the spider is venomous.  Thanks, John!

>>Spider Information –

Brown Recluse Spider

Brown Recluse Spider
For a site named after just one type of spider, this is a wealth of information on all different types of spiders.  It has their names, pictures of them, facts and myths about them, and treatment overviews.  Warning, the pictures are not for the spider haters or the faint of heart.  The person who put this site together, whose name is Dr. B. Gilmore, really worked hard to compile a lot of information.

>>Thanks, Dr. Gilmore! –

What’s That Bug?

Whats That Bug
This site is a wealth of information on every type of creepy crawly out there.  Ants to Worms, and everything in between.  It’s a blog, so you have to search for information, but the blogmaster has taken pains to record as many different pictures and bug facts as humanly possible.  It’s a valiant effort, and a site worth visiting.

>>What’s That Bug? –

Spider Identification

Spider Identification
Geared towards you spider enthusiasts, this site was created for people to share their spider pictures and stories so that people could become more educated.  There is a nice glossary of spider terminology, a robust FAQ section, and a forum for discussions about spiders.  As an added bonus, they have a sister site called for the six letter critters.

>>Spider Identification –

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  2. Dorothy Pugh says:

    Another spider identification source is This one-page guide has photos of 58 species of Eastern North American spiders fully classified, as well as many more by genus or family. These photos illustrate variations within species, and in some cases both male and female or mature and immature spiders. Click on the thumbnails on this page to see much larger pictures.



  4. Dorothy Pugh says:

    The choices for the "best" sites seem puzzling. They look professionally designed — by someone with a web design background. That doesn't translate into arachnological authority, however.