The 6 Best Star Trek Fan Sites For Trekkies


Star Trek has become one of the iconic television programs of of all time. It’s hard to believe, but the original Star Trek television show ran a mere two and a half seasons from 1966-69. With the airing of the first show on Sept, 8, 1966, Gene Roddenberry’s creation first enjoyed fairly high ratings. But by the end of Season 1, it was ranked a lowly 52nd out of 94 television shows.

The show’s fan base conducted an enormous letter-writing campaign attempting to force NBC to keep the show running. Sadly for these early Trekies, NBC moved Star Trek to the time slot of death – Friday night. Things went down hill from there and the show was canceled in the middle of Season 3.

Paramount Studios had lost a bundle in producing the show, so it half-heartedly attempted to recoup some losses by selling the show’s syndication rights. Reruns begun to air in late 1969. By the late 1970s, Star Trek was running in more than 150 domestic and 60 international markets.

Later the show was the subject of six films with the original cast and five other related shows (if you count The Antimated Series from 1973-74).

The program also was subject of one of the most hilarious Saturday Night Live sketches in 1986, when William Shatner hosted (editorial note: I saw this sketch live – dating myself!). Get a life, people!  Too bad the video is not available on YouTube…

Below are some of the best websites for you die-hard Star Trek fans. Some are more by the fans, some are more official and corporate, but your Star Trek cravings shall surely be met by all of them.  We present the best Star Trek fan sites for Trekkies.


The International Star Trek Fan Association


STARFLEET has been around for over 35 years, and is a great way for fellow Star Trek fans to meet up, have a good time, give back to the local community, and “show that the dream of Gene Roddenberry can live long and prosper,” the site says. STARFLEET enables fans on the local level to meet up for a bunch of enjoyable Trek-themed activities.

Internationally, STARFLEET gives members the opportunity to get involved with STARFLEET Academy, STARFLEET Marine Corps, the Department of Technical Services, and more. The site also even offers academic monetary scholarships that are given out annually.

>> The Biggest Star Trek Fans Association –

Trek United

Comprehensive Star Trek Forums


Trek United

If you ever are in need of a Star Trek trivia fix, need the latest Star Trek news, or are dying to discuss the design and engineering of the Enterprise, I think I have the site for you. There are 15 forums listed on the home page of the site, with hundreds of separate topics in each forum. In the Enterprise forum, we see such threads as, “Enterprise’s Emotional Vulcans,” “Enterprise Re-Watch Party/Live Chat Tonight!,” “If You Could Kiss a Crewmember,” and “In Search of Uniforms.”

If you can leave this site and not have your Trek needs fulfilled, I am worried about you!

>> Your Star Trek Cornucopia Runneth Over –

Star Trek

Star Trek Shows Old and New

Star Trek Corporate

This site has more of a corporate Star Trek feel, not your by-the-fans flavor, but it works, too. You can read interviews of Zachary Quinto, the new Spock in the latest film. It also goes way back and has videos and commentary on the Star Trek Animated Series from the early 70s. They also have features on actors from the original series, including Mark Lenard, who played Spock’s father. I also enjoyed the This Week in Star Trek History section.

>> Corporate Star Trek –

Trek Web

Trek Fan Community, News, Features, Etc.

rek Web was founded in 1996 and has become one of the best known unofficial Star Trek fan sites. It originally was created for the 1996 film Star Trek: First Contact. It was the only site to feature an online chat session with the co-producer and writer of the film, Ronald Moore. Since that time, Trekweb has regularly featured celebrity chats with many Star Trek writers, producers, actors and other personnel who worked behind the scenes in the various Star Trek shows and films. These days the site features episode plot information, feature film production reports, early script reviews, and tons of Trek merchandise.

>> Trek Celebrity Chats –

Trek Today

Trek News and Features

Trek Today

This site is interesting for its very up to date feature stories on Trek actors. This site features stories that are more personal in nature than on some of the other websites. For example, apparently actor Zachary Quinto, the new Spock, revealed recently that he is gay. The story noted that he decided to come out because of the suicide of 14 year-old Jamey Rodemeyer. Another story noted that William Shatner is scheduled to appear on the Yes Network, and planned to discuss him time on the show. I also like how the news and features are broken up by subject, including Books, Cast & Crew, Episodes, Merchandise, Fandom and more.

>> Personal Trek Feature Stories –

Star Trek Man

Unbelievable Star Trek Minutiae

Trek Man
Have you ever wondered about every weapon that was ever featured in every Star Trek show? Or details on every alien that ever appeared in every show? How about every shuttle craft that was ever in the various shows? Yep, this site has all of that covered and tons more. Oh sorry, you also can learn the size and performance features of every ship that ever appeared in the Star Trek shows. They even have a large Star Trek toy section if you have some extra cash.
>> Star Trek Weapons, Toys, Ships and Aliens -


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