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If there’s one thing everyone hates about buying stuff online, it’s the never-ending marketing pitches and claims. It’s hard to find good information on anything without finding a marketing pitch of some sort. Trying to find a good, unbiased review online is like trying to find a needle in a haystack of similar-looking needles – not that easy!

Thankfully, there are a few websites that stand out and make it pretty easy for us to find reviews on the products we’re considering to buy. For the best mattress reviews, check out these websites:

#10 Viewpoints

Top 10 Mattress Review10

Viewpoints is all about sharing what users have to say about beds – no real information or details on the mattresses. The site does feature more than 5,000 reviews, and you can find details on 200+ mattresses by more than 70 different brands. Not bad for a review site, indeed!

Problem is, some beds have two or three reviews tops, and they have a high score because those few people heaped the praise high. Navigating and sorting the reviews is easy, and there is some high quality content. All in all, a decent choice.

Advantages: simple layout, good range of reviews, easy to read, organized


#9 Review Centre

Top 10 Mattress Review9

Review Centre is a UK-based website so most of the beds reviewed are British or European brands. You can find a few reviews of beds from our side of the pond – Tempur-Pedic, Sealy, and Essentia.

The star rating system is good, and the user reviews are pretty easy to read. Not much technical about them, though, just people saying what they think about the beds. There are a lot of reviews for most of the mattresses featured there…a few have upwards of 1,000 reviews and user comments. Not such a wide variety of beds, but you can find some good information.

Advantages: great for Europe-based readers, lots of reviews, good website navigation and layout


#8 Yelp

Top 10 Mattress Review8

Yelp is just people saying whatever they want to say, so it can be a bit confusing to search for mattress reviews. It’s not the best place to look, and you may actually be wasting your time – unless you strike gold and happen to find a good review or two.

You’ll have to read reviews on the specific stores where the beds are sold – the Santa Monica Tempurpedic store or the Chula Vista Sears, for example – to find reviews on the bed. The reviews will often be about the service (“my mattress took 4 years for the sales rep to deliver”), but there may be some information on the beds themselves. It’s worth a look, but not your best bet.

Advantages: lots of reviews, simple searches, star rating system


#7 Consumer Search

Top 10 Mattress Review7

With a slogan like “Love What You Buy”, you can be pretty sure of good quality reviews. Definitely not the most organized website when it comes to mattress reviews – probably because it’s a review site for EVERYTHING: electronics, home stuff, computers, pet products, automotive gear, and sports equipment.

The mattress section has reviews on the 5 Best Mattresses, as well as a Buying Guide and a complete guide to understanding mattresses. Get good details in each of the 5 reviews, plus compare prices.

Advantages: 5 clear reviews, price comparison feature, easy reading


#6 BestCovery

Top 10 Mattress Review6

BestCovery’s logo says, “Discover the Best of Everything”. It’s a site aimed at helping you find the “best of…” beds, so it’s a different sort of mattress review site. Instead of finding reviews on certain brands of beds, you’ll find the “best” memory foam beds, cheap beds, luxury beds, organic beds, and so on.

The reviews are very well written, and there’s a nice little blurb with simple information to help you find out about the mattress without having to read the whole review. There are over 60 mattresses reviewed, but the website makes it easy for you to find the best of whatever type of mattress you’re looking for.

Advantages: “best of…” style reviews, concise information, good range of beds, user-friendly



#5 Amazon

Top 10 Mattress Review5

What’s great about Amazon is that it is transactional: meaning you have the reviews and the opportunity to buy all in one place. The main downside to Amazon is the sheer number of products they sell – well over a million. You can find the top 15 to 20 brands of beds in the U.S., and the right sidebar makes it easy to narrow down your search parameters.

Not all beds have reviews, though, so keep that in mind when navigating through the beds. Many of the models sold will just have the product details – with plenty of marketing content, of course. The list of the “best-selling mattresses” help make choosing a bed easier. These top-ranked mattresses will always have reviews, and Amazon has a great ranking system.

Advantages: user-friendly, lots of reviews, variety, constantly updated


#4 GoodBed

Top 10 Mattress Review4

This is one snazzy-looking website. It’s got good features, not to mention a user-friendly layout. You can navigate to the mattress brand options with just one click, making it very easy to navigate. They have probably the most complete list of mattress brands, and they list the individual beds or collections as well as the type of mattress (foam, innerspring, air, etc.)

The reviews are user-written, so expect odd grammar, spelling mistakes, and so on. They have good information, though, as well as a star-rating system that helps you see just how good the bed is. It’s a bit hard to find the reviews themselves, but they’re pretty complete when you do find them.

Advantages: rating system, mattress specs, brand and model names, review summaries, links to mattress deals


#3 Consumer Reports

Top 10 Mattress Review3

Consumer Reports is probably one of the best product review websites around…though the extraneous content can be kind of annoying. It’s hard to make your way to the reviews for the first time, and you actually have to subscribe to the site just to look at the reviews. All in all, more work than most of us are willing to do.

However, once you do register, the reviews are pretty darn good. They’re detailed, and yet not boring, stale facts that put you to sleep. They’ve got a great forum, which also features user comments and reviews. You won’t find as many brands or beds as you’ll like (just 12 reviews, I think), but overall it’s a good site to subscribe to.

Advantages: trusted, detailed, wide range of product reviews, buying guides


#2 What’s the Best Mattress

Top 10 Mattress Review2


Do you know how many brands of beds there are out there? Me neither, but this website seems to. They have reviews on the top 50 brands of beds, including beds most have never heard of like Corsicana, Saatva, and Verlo. If it’s not on that site, it probably doesn’t exist.

The reviews are posted in a forum, so the users of the website post their comments and evaluations on each thread. There’s no detailed scientific study and research (Sleep Like the Dead has a monopoly on that), but you get real comments from real people that have slept on these beds. Takes a bit to find what you’re looking for, but great if you have time to browse.

Advantages: user-written reviews, more brands featured, simple forum layout, links to good information


#1 Sleep Like the Dead

Top 10 Mattress Review1

If you want a full-bodied mattress review, Sleep Like the Dead is really the place to go. Not just mattress reviews, really, but pretty much every sleep-related item is reviewed here: toppers, pillows, sleeping pills, white noise machines, and more. The reviews are very in-depth, with all the information you could ask for – almost too many details in fact!

Sleep Like the Dead breaks it down for you…details are their forte! Find out how bed owners rated each mattress for comfort, motion isolation, temperature, and even smell. Pretty much every brand is reviewed here, though there are no reviews on individual beds. It helps you to know what brands to look for, but it’s up to you to choose your specific mattress on your own. Darn good site!

Advantages: detailed, complete reviews, easy to read, excellent review summaries, reviews almost all brands


Author Bio: Millie Rainer is a content strategist and researcher currently associated with Essentia, makers of organic mattresses. Millie loves to blog on a host of topics – she’s @MillieRainer on Twitter.

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