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If you are among the many – millions perhaps – who are following the love story of star crossed Bella and Edward – then you’d probably appreciate touching base with fellow Twilight fans like yourself.

The best thing about finding Twilight fan sites you love? You’ll stay up to date on all of the cool Twilight information. And you can connect with others who love Twilight as much as you do. We totally understand what it’s like to get excited about the latest Twilight movie or wonder what’s going to happen to the characters.

We’ve compiled a list of top Twilight fan sites – there are tons out there. But here are a few of our favorites.


This site is a “Twilight fan community.” One of the most creative Twilight fan sites we’ve seen, with original multi media art renderings of the characters in some of the popular scenes on the home page. This site promises you can make TwiFriends, very appealing to anyone who loves Twilight. You’ll find blogs, photos, videos, chat, a forum, groups, events and even a store here.

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Bella and


This Twilight fan site is a great place to catch up on all of the Twilight centric news and gossip. Want to know what your favorite Twilight actors and creator Stephanie Myers have been up to? This is a great site to discover all things Twilight!

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At this Twilight fan site you’re promised you’ll find everything the “obsessed” fan will want to know. It’s a big site – so be prepared to spend time surfing it. There’s a great message board, image gallery and a Twilight Store for starters. Check out the Twilight news on the front page that updates regularly.


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Stephanie Meyer’s Site


Now every Twilight fan knows and loves Stephanie Meyer’s site. The creator of the Twilight series, Stephanie Meyers keeps a blog and shares updates about Twilight and her other books and projects. Especially popular for the Twilight fan at this site is Stephanie Meyer’s list of Twilight Series Fansites You can find fan sites in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and in other languages.

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This site promises “Helping Addicts Since 2008 Because We Don’t Want a Cure.” Funny, as we know they are talking about being addicted to the fun and entertaining Twilight series! Twilighters Anonymous has lots to offer any Twilight fan – from a News Blog, Forum, Gallery, Contests, Music and Videos. Any Twilight fan will enjoy a visit here.

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This site states they are the #1 Twilight movie fan site. No matter their rating, they certainly seem to have their Twilight on – with lots of facts, fun and Twilight themed entertainment here. You can even apply to add Twilight information to the site, ideal for the enthusiastic Twilight fan. Learn all about the characters and connect with other fans.

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