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Show your website’s visitors you are considered one of the Very Best Sites on the Internet. If we have reviewed your site, we invite you to link back to us and let the world know you one of the very best sites. We love links and if you don’t want to add a text link, feel free to use one of the badges listed below. If you don’t see one you like or a size you can use, please email us (verybestsites@gmail.com) and let us know what you are looking for.

How to add a Very Best Sites Badge:

1. Highlight all the code in the box to the right of it, right click within the box and click ‘Copy’

2. Paste the code within the HTML of your website


3. Save and you’re done

Benefits to you:

  • Positive branding through association
  • Develop your visitors’ trust
  • Demonstrate your site is one of the very best

125×125 Badge

Copy & Paste the code below on your site:

Or you can simply add this link text: My site is one of the very best at <a href=”http://www.verybestsites.com”>Very Best Sites</a>.