Very Best Personal Goal Setting Sites


9 Great Personal Goal Setting Sites

Got a goal? Got a couple of goals? Many of us think we do, yet the days, weeks and yes, even the years go by as we don’t accomplish them. These are called dreams. Someone smart once said, “Goals are dreams with deadlines.” It pays to get smart about your goals – so you actually get what you want out of life. We do after all only get one ride on this big Ferris wheel last time I looked into it!

Here are 8 great goal setting sites offering tips, tools and inspiration to help you get your dreams. Whether you want to quit smoking, have a baby, take a hot air balloon ride or write the Great American Novel – your goal will feel more within reach with these great sites!

101 Things in 1000 Days (Day Zero) - Best Personal Goals Setting Site

Now this is a cool approach to goal setting. Set 101 goals for 1000 days. Blog or don’t blog about them, but keep a list of them and cross them off as you accomplish them. Expect failure but keep a positive attitude. Learn a lot about yourself along the way! Visit Site

Steve Pavlina - Best Personal Goals Setting Site

This guy is known for a very down to earth, no nonsense attitude about self-help. Passionate about helping people find their way, his site has thousands of visitors each day – and there are tons of articles here. Try this one on goal setting to get you started How To Set Goals You Can Achieve. Visit Site

43 Things - Best Personal Goals Setting Site

At 43 Things you’ll find other people with the same goals you have. Whether your goals feel big or small, thousands of other people just like you want to “lose 20 pounds,” “get my driver’s license,” or “own an art gallery” among other goals. Connect with them and track your progress, cheer each other on. Visit Site

MyGoals - Best Personal Goals Setting Site

This site will help you with both personal and professional goals. They will let you break any goal into step by step tasks you need to accomplish to make goals trackable and attainable. Then they email you reminders to keep you on task. Visit Site


Goal Enforcer - Best Personal Goals Setting Site

This software helps anyone set goals and achieve them. The software is very visual and they say you’ll achieve your goals faster by using it. Many people are visual learners, so this certainly could be possible. Charts and logs help you track your goals. Visit Site

My Life Changes - Best Personal Goals Setting Site

A site created by a life coach inspired to help people reach their goals. A 30-day trial is $1 to give you a chance to see how the website works. Learn first who you are and what goals matter to you. Then uncover your values and what your goals truly are. – Visit Site

Mind Tools - Best Personal Goal Setting Site

At MindTools you’ll find an article about personal goal setting that puts it all in perspective and helps you figure out what’s important to you. The practical tools at MindTools can help you accomplish your desired goals. – Visit Site

Joe’s Goals

Joe's Goals - Best Personal Goals Setting Site

This simple and practical goal setting site helps you track your accomplishments towards any goal you desire. It’s easy to use and your daily progress will inspire you to work harder. After all, putting in that nice green check mark is so exciting! – Visit Site

Solid Goals

Solid Goals

Solid Goals is a website that allows you to create a goal, set the tasks you need to complete to meet that goal, and blog about your process.  You can share you goal with the rest of the community, which not only helps you stay accountable for your goal, but also helps you get valuable suggestions for other users.  I signed up for it myself, to see what the process was like, and it’s an easy and free registration process, and you immediately can go in and start setting your goals.  It is a relatively new site, and it’s fairly obvious that as it grows and as more people register and start participating in the community, the site will become more helpful and more robust, but it is already a fabulous resource for setting goals and catching a glimpse at the kind of goals others are setting.  Want to keep your goal private?  They have a way you can do that too -  you can set your goal and mark it “private” so that only you can see it.

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4 Responsesto “Very Best Personal Goal Setting Sites”

  1. Dell says:

    I have been a big fan of for years. He doesn't write a lot, but quality overrides quantity. You can't read his site and not feel motivated to do something better with your life.

  2. Terry says:

    Thanks for including my site amongst this distinguished list!

  3. Chris says:


    My name is Chris I'm looking at your list and it is very good. A lot of these sites I have visited my self and used some of these product especially mind tools.
    However I have Just finished my first piece of Goal Setting software and it is free. It will help you write and define goals as well as create powerful affirmations.

  4. David says:

    I'd like to introduce you to our website, which is based on the premise that a goal is more likely achieved when the person setting the goal is engaged with and accountable to others.