Best Sites to Plan a Spelunking or Cave Diving Trip


Planning a vacation is exciting, but making the decision about where to go and what to do while you’re there can be a little stressful.  Many people are choosing to forego the traditional vacation destinations and seek their adventures off the beaten path.  For the truly non-traditional traveler, this can mean turning their back on the sunshine in favor of the darkness and mystery of a cave – one of the last true frontiers left on our planet.  For those that would dare such an expedition, we’ve provided a list of some of the best websites for researching caving and spelunking.

Daring Destinations




This is a great resource for finding destinations for truly exceptional cave spelunking.  With links to the websites for the locations discussed, Daring Destinations provides a brief summary of the offerings of each specially-chosen location to help give adventurers a better idea of exactly what kind of experience they’re looking for.  Additionally, this website offers a wide variety of alternative vacation ideas if travelers decide that caving isn’t really for them.

>>Daring Destinations –

Spelunking Info from IdeaMarketers






This site is a good choice for American adventurers who do not wish to leave the country.  It promotes the American Northwest as one of the most diverse and interesting locations in the country for spelunking and cave exploration, and also includes a brief description of some preparation and safety tips for vacationers who decide to try spelunking themselves.  The list of cave spelunking destinations in the U.S. Northwest region can be a highly valuable resource for native travelers.

Spelunking Info –




This is an excellent destination resource site for spelunkers who are looking for exotic locations.  Created by hostellers, this website includes a list of some of the most popular and notable caving destinations around the world, as well as links to hostels and lodging in those locations.  With a brief description of each destination, this site can help you choose the right spelunking destination for any group of adventurers.

>>Lodging for Spelunking –

Specialty Travel Ideas from Essortment










This website is an excellent resource for travelers with lots of questions about spelunking, and which destinations would be right for them.  It addresses some of the most common concerns for many beginning spelunkers, including such matters as exactly where to go and how to prepare for their trip.  This Essortment site even offers a careful explanation of “wild” and “tamed” caving destinations.

>>Specialty Travel Ideas –






This is an excellent, UK-developed website dedicated to spelunkers of all experience levels.  With advice for both beginners and experts, iExplore gives its readers really excellent information regarding preparation for spelunking.  This site also serves as a great resource for choosing a caving destination, with information regarding caves in Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia and even the Middle East.

>>iExplore –

Spelunking in Costa Rica






Since most cave-divers are driven by a need to reconnect with nature, Costa Rica is a natural choice for spelunking.  This website outlines the features of the island nation, including the brilliant contract between the local rainforests and the almost primordial caves open for explorers.  This article provides an excellent description of the most popular caving destinations in the area, including some located near a network of volcanic tunnels.

>>Costa Rica Spelunking Article –








This site is dedicated to the wonders of cave diving in the state of Arkansas.  With descriptions of a wide variety of different spelunking experiences available within the Ozark mountains, this site is a valuable resource for those adventurers looking for an exotic, other-worldly experience without having to travel out of the country.  The site also provides useful links to cave-specific websites to allow users to find the necessary booking and planning information.

>>Arkansas Spelunking –

Cave Spelunking Blog


The fella that writes this site is a spelunking enthusiast, and though he hasn’t updated his site in a LONG time, there are 35 solid posts on his site where you can get first hand caving stories and information.  It’s a great resource if you want to hear the technical details from someone who actually does this for fun.  It’s his passion, or at least it was in 2009, and he tells you interesting things about falling rocks, bats, the type of equipment you should use, and more.  With so many of the above sites dedicated to finding good places to go spelunking, we thought we would include a site that is about the nitty gritty of the activity.  Enjoy!

>>Cave Spelunking Blog –

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