Zombie Survival Tips for A Zombie Apocalypse


With every town’s annual Zombie Walk approaching, zombie fever hits the nation once again.  Sears, Toyota, Doritos, Honda, Red Bull, Polaroid, Starburst, BMW, Windows 7, Toshiba, and Gamestop have all done zombie-related ads.  Even the CDC jumped on board the zombie bandwagon with their Zombie Apocalypse PSA, which is the first site on our list.

Preparedness 101:  Zombie Apocalypse by the CDC


Nice to see a government site with a sense of humor.  The CDC published this post on their Public Health Matters Blog in May of 2011.  The author, Ali S. Kahn, starts the post off with a brief history of zombies, which is important when planning for a zombie apocalypse.  Of course, the advice they give is not exactly zombie-specific.  Once the blurb about zombies is over, we’re given some tips on how to plan in case of any emergency, including a hurricane, tornado, pandemic, etc.  You can even join the CDC Zombie Task Force, and get a t-shirt to boot!  Thanks for making disaster preparedness fun!

>>Preparing for a Zombie Apocalypse and Other “Natural” Disasters – blogs.cdc.gov

Zombies are Coming

Zombies are Coming

This site represents an online organization “established in 2007, for the purpose of promoting zombie awareness and preparation for the coming tides of darkness.”  Posts include “10 Things Every Zombie Hunter Should Know,” where #2 is “how to kill as quickly and quietly as humanly possible.”  One exhaustive and informative post goes over food preservation and preparation.  All in case zombies attack.  There are also fitness tips, information on pistols, and tips on pretty much anything you would need to know to prepare for the zombie apocalypse.

>>Zombies are Coming – zombiesarecoming.com

Zombie Defense Training

Zombie Defense Training

This site says it is “the tale of one woman’s zombie defense training.  Based on the recommendations of Max Brooks’ Zombie Survival Guide, Melissa Ebbe will undertake the steps necessary towards personal improvement as a preventative measure to a zombie invasion.”  She blogged from March 2006 to July 2009, and her blog, while a weight loss-related blog, also talked about zombies and the pending zombie apocalypse, so it counts.  And, it sets us up for the next site we’re going to talk about…


>>Zombie Defense – zombiedefense.blogspot.com

The Zombie Survival Guide

Zombie Survival Guide

This is the Random House Publishing website for the book by Max Brooks that was mentioned in the previous site.  The book, The Zombie Survival Guide:  Complete Protection from the Living Dead, was written by an SNL staff writer who also happens to be the son of Mel Brooks.  The thing is, instead of just being funny, Brooks takes his subject seriously.  The book is a meticulously researched, so painstakingly written, that by the time you finish reading it, you really WILL know how to protect yourself from zombies.  The website is the extension of the book, and it is loads of fun.

>>Zombie Survival Guide – randomhouse.com

Zombie Survival Wiki

Zombie Survival and Defense

Built by people who care, moderated by people who care, and populated by people who want to kill zombies, this wiki is more of a forum, but it has useful articles on survival planning, weapons and gear, protective clothing, etc.  You can apply to be a writer, but know that nobody, and I mean nobody, is an expert and these people know that.  You can add your knowledge and your theories, but keep in mind that those who are serious about planning for the zombie apocalypse take it very seriously indeed, and you would be remiss to poke fun at any of them.  Do we understand each other?

>>Zombie Survival Wiki – zombiesurvivalwiki.com

Zombie Defense


This website claims that it is the “only zombie defense organization poised to buffer humanity from the impending zombie holocaust.”  Without getting into a semantic argument about “holocausts” and “apocalypses” I feel it is necessary to tell you that these people do not intend, in any way, to sugar-coat this impending zombie situation, OK?  So, for the faint of heart or the squeamish, stick with a little lighter fare.  Also, if you object to curse words, you should stay away.  When it really comes down to the zombie nitty gritty, you may want to curse a little too.  Learn all about the research and training these folks have done.

>>Zombie Defense – zombiedefense.org

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